BREAKING: Michelle Obama’s Devices HACKED, Very Personal Information Leaked (DETAILS)


Supposedly, Russian-based hackers have taken a special liking to the private files of leading Democrats this year as the election draws ever closer.

Some suggest that the Russians are operating the Democrat-focused hacking scheme in an effort to bolster Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency, with Vladimir Putin, for example, long having expressed his implicit support for the businessman-turned-Republican presidential candidate.

As The Hill puts it:

‘U.S. officials have suggested that Russia has embarked on a wide-ranging cyber campaign targeting American political figures in order to undermine the legitimacy of the American electoral system.’

With whatever force behind their efforts, the hackers at the website have just struck again, dropping a cache of emails supposedly containing the private documents of soon-to-be former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama.

These documents include “White House planning documents” and a copy of Obama’s passport, although the White House has not commented on the legitimacy of any of the leaked files.

The files comes from the hacked Gmail account of Ian Mellul, who works as a staffer for both the White House and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Mellul’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts were reportedly deleted early Thursday.

DC Leaks posted what they claim is an image of Michelle Obama’s passport on Twitter. The image is featured below.

Although a comment on the original tweet noted that the passport image “seems like a fake” since it is only good for five years, and not ten as is customary, a Cleveland County, Oklahoma, Democratic organizational account also responded to note that official government passports are, in fact, only valid for five years.

This leak is far from the first time that hackers have publicly released the private files of leading Democrats this year. A similar leak resulted in the resignation of U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz from her position chairing the DNC after her unethical primary season favoring of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders was revealed.

DC Leaks also recently released “embarrassing emails” from former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Featured Image is via Jessica Kourkounis/ Getty Images