BREAKING: Presidential Debate Topics Released & Donald Trump Is PISSED! (DETAILS)


The Commission on Presidential Debates, or CPD for short, announced that NBC’s Lester Holt had made his selections for the topics to be covered at the first presidential debate. Holt is set to moderate said debate come next Monday.

A simple statement posted to the CPD’s website on Monday reads:

“Lester Holt, moderator of the first 2016 presidential debate, has selected the topics for that debate.

Subject to possible changes because of news developments, the topics for the September 26 debate are as follows, not necessarily to be brought up in this order:

  • America’s Direction
  • Achieving Prosperity
  • Securing America”

The final of the three topics has long been a stated staple of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s most outlandish so-called policy proposals.

The businessman turned presidential contender first proposed late last winter for a “total and complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States. He spoke on the occasion of terror attacks carried out by the Islamic State in Paris, France, that left almost 150 dead.

Trump, though, spoke out of a level of understanding that didn’t go beyond the name of the organization responsible for the attack. After all, Muslims are associated with the Islamic State terror group in Trump’s mind because they all share a common religion, or so he says.

After all, the Islamic State terror group uses the word Islam in its name! Thus all Muslims must be terrorists, right?

Obviously not. Trump, however, has long made a lethally useful idiot of himself by spouting such nonsense. Lately, with a string of violent hate crimes against Muslims, the danger inherent in his rhetoric has become more serious.

And with all of this in mind, the first debate thus bodes well for Clinton supporters who hope that the Democratic nominee’s showing at the debates will help solidify her hold on the lead going into November, in the face of a steadily decreasing lead for the Democrat in polls and electoral college numbers.

Basically, Trump will — hopefully for Clinton supporters — make enough of a fool of himself to draw enough supporters out of his camp and/or into Clinton’s camp to hand the former Secretary of State the presidency come November.

Monday’s debate will be held at New York’s Hofstra University. As the CPD’s website also notes, “The format calls for six 15-minute time segments. Two 15-minute segments will focus on each of the topics listed above. All debates start at 9:00 p.m. ET and run for 90 minutes without commercial interruption.”

The topic announcement for the first debate from the CPD comes days after the organization announced that no invitations to the first debate would be extended to any presidential candidates beyond Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, thus sparking renewed criticism from third party leaders on account of the CPD’s supposed bullying tactics against any threat to the two party system.

The CPD has not yet announced invitation plans for the final two debates. The third parties are still whining, though. And who knows, at least one — the Libertarians — could end up making enough of a showing in the poll numbers to get into one of the final two debates.

Although such a scenario doesn’t seem particularly likely, it’s still possible — although technically anything is possible — even rogue asteroids that instantaneously render all of this meaningless.

Featured Image via Bloomberg/ Getty Images.