Dalai Lama Gives Hilarious Impersonation Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Well, guess what. There’s finally something that those opposed to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy can actually have a relieving laugh over, a “something” which actually mentions the candidate’s name.

Shocked? No, Donald Trump didn’t drop out of the presidential race. His poll numbers didn’t just take a death leap, leaving Hillary Clinton unhindered in her quest for the Oval Office.

Actually, the Dalai Lama, the world renowned Buddhist spiritual leader, gave an on-point impression of the Republican presidential candidate while being interviewed by British media.

British journalist Piers Morgan was interviewing the monk on Good Morning Britain, and Morgan asked him at one point if he had ever met Donald Trump.

“Never,” the monk replied.

“What do you think of him?,” Morgan went on, having just referred to Trump as a “controversial character.”

And that’s when things got pleasantly funny. In response to Morgan’s question, the 81-year-old and widely respected spiritual leader launched into a hilariously on-point impression of the Republican presidential candidate.

He put his hand over the front of his head, mocking Trump’s signature hairstyle, before cupping his hand over his mouth and signaling what he viewed as Trump’s other defining feature — the candidate’s “small” mouth that is constantly going, going, going.

And the Far-East based spiritual leader is certainly on to something. Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has long been defined by a childish level of logic — one explicitly called out, even, by CNN’s Anderson Cooper while the Republican presidential primary was still underway.

And when Trump is nowhere near winning the presidency, it’s easy to laugh about his childish behavior.

But, in July, the Republican party nominated Trump as their candidate for the presidency. And now, with less than two months to go until the presidential election, polling guru Nate Silver puts the businessman turned presidential contender at an about 41 chance of winning were the election to be held today — barely behind Hillary Clinton.

So things have gotten a little more serious. But the Dalai Lama’s Trump impersonation is a welcome comic relief- even if temporary. Check out the clip featuring the Dalai Lama’s Trump impersonation below.




Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.