Insane Conservative Yells ‘There You Go, Muslim!, Hurls Firebomb Into Car (VIDEO)


A Pennsylvania man is struggling to survive after he was the victim of a gruesome anti-Muslim hate crime that left most of his body severely burned and destroyed his car.

Witnesses report that the attacker threw a firebomb into the victim’s car after shouting “There you go, Muslim!” There is no word as to whether or not the identity of the attacker is known by authorities or if his capture is imminent.

The attack reportedly took place at about 5 AM, early Thursday morning.

A witness described the scene saying that she “heard a man yelling saying his skin was burning.”

Her description continued, without getting any less disturbing:

‘He was in his car and someone drove by and threw something in it… [I] kept hearing loud pops so I went to the door. Neighbors were helping the man because his skin was burning. He lost some of it.. [I w]ent to the corner and saw the whole car on fire. After firetrucks come, he talks to them and then talks to us. He describes a car pulling up and someone inside saying ‘There you go, Muslim’ before throwing something into his car.’

Neither the identity of the hate crime victim or details on his condition have been yet released by authorities.

This attack is far from an isolated incident.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made it a routine of his campaign to incite such violence through suggesting, for example, that instituting a “total and complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States would solve the problem of keeping Americans safe from terror attacks.

In early August, in an attack which many immediately credited to Trump’s incitement, an imam and his assistant were gunned down and murdered at point blank range while walking home from services in New York City.

Since then, hate crimes against Muslims in the United States have included a brutal attack on a pair of Muslim women pushing strollers and an incident that saw a Muslim woman set on fire while shopping in New York City.

Watch video of the aftermath of the incident below via Twitter user @FeministaJones and published on The Mirror.