JUST IN: Bernie Sanders Makes MAJOR Career Announcement, Liberals ECSTATIC!


Bernie Sanders has done a lot with his life. He’s been a mayor, a congressman and, most recently, a presidential candidate. Now he can add to his rather impressive resume. Sanders’ upcoming book, Our Revolution, is set to release on November 15th and will chronicle his presidential campaign.

Our Revolution isn’t the only book the Vermont senator has in the works. He’s also planning on adapting that book into a young adult book aimed at 12-18 year-old readers. Plenty of politicians write books, but they’re normally aimed at adults and only read by hardcore supporters or those with an interest in public policy.

By writing a book for teenagers, Sanders is hoping to get more young people involved in politics. Considering that the youth vote is often considered to be unreliable, Sanders aim is a noble one and consistent with his message that the Democratic Party needs to do more to reach out to young voters.

‘The Democrats have got to open the door to young people. Welcome them in and understand that it will be messy, that many young people are not professional politicians. The Democratic Party is going to have to adjust itself to their reality, rather than force young people to be adjusted to the Democratic leadership’s reality.’

Despite his age, the Vermont senator has shown a talent for connecting with the youth of America. Part of it is due to his progressive ideas, but another key feature of his campaign was its strong presence on social media which Sanders disused in his recent interview with The Nation.

‘One of the reasons I think we did so well among younger people is that most younger people now do not watch the evening news; they don’t read The Washington Post. And we did, I think, a very good job in terms of communicating directly with many millions of younger people directly through social media.’

One of the criticisms of Sanders’ campaign was that it failed to reach out to minority voters, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Sanders did poorly with older voters, especially African-Americans, but he won the African-American youth vote by a strong margin as well as the Latino vote.

I’m not saying that we ran the kind of outreach in the African-American community that we should have. We did not. What does gratify me is that a) by the end of the campaign, we were winning younger African-American voters; and b) we were winning the overall Latino vote. We came a long, long way in both communities. We just did not have the runway to do what I wanted to do.’

Sanders’ young adult book will retail for $17, which is $10 cheaper than the adult version. Our Revolution will come out this November, but the YA version is set to be released next spring and is being marketed as a high school graduation present.

The YA version will be published by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers which is owned by Macmillan. Henry Holt has said the book will be “an inspiring teen guide to engaging with and shaping the world — a perfect gift and important read.”

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