America’s Prominent Conservative Newspaper Makes INCREDIBLE 2016 Endorsement (DETAILS)


On Friday, two newspapers published their endorsements for president in the upcoming November 8 election. One of them has backed only GOP candidates for nearly 100 years. Both have now officially endorsed the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

The Cincinnati Enquirer has not backed a Democratic candidate for nearly an entire century, but published their endorsement of Clinton, citing her experience and knowledge, along with all the reasons they cannot endorse Donald Trump.

‘Trump is a clear and present danger to our country. He has no history of governance that should engender any confidence from voters. Trump has no foreign policy experience, and the fact that he doesn’t recognize it – instead insisting that, “I know more about ISIS than the generals do” – is even more troubling. His wild threats to blow Iranian ships out of the water if they make rude gestures at U.S. ships is just the type of reckless, cowboy diplomacy Americans should fear from a Trump presidency. Clinton has been criticized for being overly cautious when it comes to sending our troops into battle, but there is a measured way to react to the world’s problems. Do we really want someone in charge of our military and nuclear codes who has an impulse control problem? The fact that so many top military and national security officials are not supporting Trump speaks volumes.’

Additionally, the Los Angeles Times announced their endorsement for Hillary Clinton.

‘American voters have a clear choice on Nov. 8. We can elect an experienced, thoughtful and deeply knowledgeable public servant or a thin-skinned demagogue who is unqualified and unsuited to be president.

Donald J. Trump, a billionaire businessman and television personality, is the latter. He has never held elected office and has shown himself temperamentally unfit to do so. He has run a divisive, belligerent, dishonest campaign, repeatedly aligning himself with racists, strongmen and thugs while maligning or dismissing large segments of the American public. Electing Trump could be catastrophic for the nation.

‘By contrast, Hillary Clinton is one of the best prepared candidates to seek the presidency in many years. As a first lady, a Democratic senator from New York and secretary of State in President Obama’s first term, she immersed herself in the details of government, which is why her positions on the issues today are infinitely better thought-out than those of her opponent.’

Neither would be the first newspaper to point out the specific dangers that a Donald Trump presidency would represent for the United States. The Washington Post printed in July that Trump is “a unique threat to American democracy.” Even newspapers in other countries are printing disparaging remarks about the GOP candidate, such as La Reforma in Mexico and the New Age in South Africa.

The Cincinnati Enquirer is also not the first traditionally Republican-backing newspaper to switch sides because of Donald Trump. The Union Leader, a New Hampshire newspaper which has also only endorsed Republican presidential candidates for more than a hundred years, broke with tradition and endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, calling Trump “a liar, a bully, a buffoon.” The Dallas Morning News, which has backed every GOP candidate since World War II, wrote in their endorsement that “there is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in November. We recommend Hillary Clinton.”

It seems that most newspapers understand the real dangers of a Donald Trump presidency. Let’s just hope the rest of the country’s voters catch up before November.

Featured image via Getty/Joe Reedle