Barbra Streisand Writes Instantly Viral Op-Ed Ripping Donald Trump To Shreds (DETAILS)


Throughout the 2016 election, singer and actress Barbra Streisand has not hesitated to share her feelings about Donald Trump, from the “Send in the Clowns” parody that she performed at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser to the time that she stopped her concert to attack the GOP nominee. Recently, Streisand took things even further, penning an op-ed piece for The Huffington Post in which she lists the various problems she has with Donald Trump.

From the very first sentence of her essay, titled “Facts Matter,” Streisand sheds light on one of the biggest issues with Donald Trump: his dishonesty. She writes, “When a politician ends almost every sentence with ‘believe me’ … don’t! He’s probably lying.”

Streisand then digs deeper, explaining that the problem is not just Donald Trump, but the media who are entertained by his lies. As examples, she points out Matt Lauer, who was very easy on Trump during NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum, and Chris Wallace, who has said that facts are not relevant to him. Streisand is absolutely correct when she asserts that “this should be profoundly unacceptable to the American people.”

Noting Trump’s fondness for calling Hillary Clinton crooked, Streisand spends a significant portion of her essay detailing the various ways in which the word “crooked” better describes Trump. She references the times he has “bankrupted companies, reneged on bank loans, and cheated small business owners,” then slams him by saying, “For someone who claims to be a champion of the people, his m.o. is actually to stiff the little guy.”

At the same time that she criticizes Trump, Streisand also praises Hillary Clinton by pointing out the differences between the two candidates. She reminds readers that, since she was a college student, Clinton has “always cared about other people,” and then asks, “What has Donald Trump ever done to serve others?”

Streisand also attacks Trump for his thin skin, calling him a “coward at heart.” Again, she compares him to Hillary Clinton, saying that she “has been attacked right and left for decades and is still standing.”

At this point, Streisand’s op-ed takes a turn and focuses more closely on Clinton. She asks a very important question about the Democratic nominee: “How come Hillary is not getting credit for all her accomplishments?” Streisand then answers that questioning, explaining that, in her opinion, “It goes back to something I’ve felt for many years … strong women, powerful women have always been suspect.”

Streisand is correct in pointing out the fact that, throughout her career, Hillary Clinton has been criticized for things that no male candidate has been criticized for. Whether she is being told to smile more or shamed for coming across as cold — from people on both sides of the aisle — people seem to forget all that Clinton has accomplished. She is not a perfect candidate, but to say that she does not have the temperament or the experience for the job is simply untrue.

Streisand’s piece ended with one last jab at Trump, as she implored the American people to not let the country be run by “a narcissist who has shown no regard for anyone but himself.” She then reminded readers that “only Hillary Clinton has the skills, the knowledge, the temperament, and the compassion to lead this nation.”

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