Fox News Decided To Defend Police Murders, It DOES NOT Go Well (VIDEO)


Prominent African-American civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson appeared on Fox News’s Coast to Coast with Neil Cavuto this week to discuss the violent protests in Charlotte, North Carolina, over the police killing of yet another African-American who didn’t have to die.

Earlier this week, Keith Lamont Scott was shot dead by police, with officers claiming that he pointed a gun at them. Video of the incident is reportedly unclear as to what actually went down.

In the meantime, the streets of Charlotte erupted in protest.

Cavuto prodded Jackson over the violent nature of the protests, protests which saw stores looted, cars burned, and multiple police officers in the hospital, besides one casualty among the protesters.

Cavuto made a blustering fool of himself, repeating what is effectively the same point over and over again, all in trying to convince Jackson that his community shouldn’t be as upset over the strikingly high death rate of African-Americans at the hands of American police.

Instead of asking why the protesters were out in such force, Cavuto- like pretty much most if not all who share Cavuto’s obviously far right wing political views — frenzied himself over pointing out the supposed moral fallacy of those who had taken to violence.

Cavuto, of course, never even openly entertained the thought that there is a legitimately serious concern behind the protesters’ actions.

He started by asking Jackson if the reverend would arrest those who were partaking of the violence, asking him if he would say that they were “disgracing the message of Dr. King” and that he would “not support that behavior.”

Jackson responded bluntly. “Well, you’re disgracing the message of Dr. King if you don’t do justice and love mercy,” he said.

“Don’t pull a Dr. King and make him a cover,” the reverend went on. “Well Dr. King, looking at the riots in L.A., said that when it gets to that point, it’s the voices of the unheard.”

Jackson went on to attempt to frame to the seriousness of the situation for Cavuto, asking what would go down if black police officers were shooting whites to the same degree as the reverse is true.

Cavuto responded, saying, “I wouldn’t break into Macy’s. I wouldn’t break into any store. I would peacefully protest my rage.”

If this was a text, that would deserve an lol.

According to Cavuto, then, African-Americans are just over-reacting to the startling rate at which their community finds death at the hands of American police officers.


Cavuto went on to criticize the reverend for supposedly not doing enough against a favorite term of the right: “black on black violence.”

Jackson politely told Cavuto to shove it, saying that he preaches on such a subject quite often.

Watch the segment below.

Featured Image is via screenshot from the video.