Hillary Trolls Trump By Inviting His ARCH-NEMESIS To Sit First Row At The Debate (DETAILS)


Hillary Clinton knows Donald Trump “won” the GOP primary debates by goading and trolling his opponents, so she’s deploying Mark Cuban, the nuclear option.

That’s right. Hillary Clinton gave Mark Cuban a front row ticket for Monday night’s presidential debate at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. The Shark Tank investor and Dallas Mavericks owner tweeted that he looks forward trolling Donald Trump from this prime location.


An unnamed Clinton aide confirmed this with CNN, and said, “He has the best seat we have access to.” Mark Cuban then followed up by telling CNN:

‘Trump is an immediate and present danger to the security of this country.’

Since Mark Cuban shocked his fellow Republicans by endorsing Hillary Clinton back in July, he’s shown no mercy towards the GOP’s candidate for POTUS. His recent antics include:

  • Going on Fox News with Neil Cavuto and handing him and his Fox colleagues their asses for flogging their fake Hillary scandals.
  • Publicly shaming Eric Trump for tweeting a faked photo to make his dad’s rally look crowded.
  • Finally getting banned by Fox for saying — on the air — that he’s hedging his hedge funds in case Donald Trump wins and tanks the stock market.

Last week, Mark Cuban even took to Twitter with a challenge: $10 million to the charity of Donald Trump’s choice in exchange for a four-hour interview on his policies and their non-existent substance. Ouch.

Why did Mark Cuban turn on Donald Trump?

So what’s Donald Trump’s fellow Republican, businessman, and reality TV star doing with Hillary Clinton? As the old proverb goes, strange times make for strange bedfellows.

When Donald Trump first glided down that escalator last summer to put his marker in, Mark Cuban was an avid supporter. In August 2015, he even said Donald Trump was the best thing to happen to the GOP in a long time. But then, Donald Trump kept opening his mouth and sticking his silver foot in it.

Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, you can sort of see Mark Cuban’s turnabout coming. In July 2015, Mark Cuban questioned the Donald’s wealth on Cyber Dust — a social media app for business people — and whether he actually has enough cash to run for president. Then, on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore in December, Cuban called the alleged billionaire a liar and the kind of guy who’d say anything to get laid or get votes.

‘He’s like that guy who walks into the bar, and will say whatever it’ll take to get laid. Only in this case he’s not trying to f*ck some girl. He’s trying to f*ck the country’

In June, eight weeks before he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, Mark Cuban flat out accused Donald Trump of lying about his wealth. On the Sid and Bernie Show on WABC, he declared:

‘I know what I’m good at and I know what I’m not good at. I’m not so sure Donald knows what he’s not good at. What he’s done well is put his name on big buildings. Whether or not that’s made him a billionaire, I don’t know. He’s not transparent enough for us to know. I think he’s good at branding real estate.’

Ouch. This ought to be very good. As basketball fans know, Mark Cuban can get very fired up — as Brian Fallon, Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, pointed out on Twitter.

Grab your popcorn. This ought to be good.

Featured image/composite: John Lamparski via Getty Images (Mark Cuban) and ThinkStock (burnt toast). Thought balloon, flames, smoke, and Trump face added.