JUST IN: Donald Trump Jr. Exposed For Multiple Online Aliases Trolling Chat Rooms (DETAILS)


The Trump family and presidential campaign is like a sickeningly ridiculous sh*tshow from which viewers find it nearly impossible to peel their eyes. Alternatively, the family led by sleazy businessman-turned-presidential candidate Donald Trump is the best real world picture of the proverbial train wreck that draws enthralled onlookers.

Now, there’s a new installment to the lethally ridiculous saga of the Trump family.

As Ashley Feinberg of Deadspin put it, “That idiot on your hunting message board might be Donald Trump Jr.”

Yes, really. A search of the top few dozen online communities dedicated to hunting finds that a man who is presumably Donald Trump Jr. has an account on “at least 25 different gun, bow, hunting, and fishing enthusiast forums.”

Associating Trump Jr. with the effectively anonymous “djtjr,” a user found across the online hunting forum world, isn’t purely conjecture. The businessman-turned-presidential candidate’s son has long been proud of his “hunting” prowess.

After all, killing rare animals in Africa is something to be proud of, right?

Obviously not. At the time of the mentioned “big game hunt” in Africa, Trump Jr. and his associates took a lot of heat for their morally questionable actions – although the son of the man who would go on to become the Republican presidential nominee came up with what he thought were good excuses.

He wrote, for example, that “the villagers were very happy for the meat.”

The moral fiber shown inherent in the Trump family by Donald Trump Jr.’s online postings make the situation even bleaker.

Take, for example, Trump Jr.’s answer to a thread asking for favorite “gun related quotes.”

He added two to the list. The first is the most disturbing, reading:

‘What do you feel when you kill someone? Just a slight recoil, mam.’

Yes, Donald Trump Jr. really wrote that.

His second quote reads, “If guns kill people, than spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat.”

A screenshot of Trump’s postings is below.

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Image via Screenshot from Forums.1911forum.com

So the Trumps are usefully dangerous idiots.

We already knew that, though. In America, you are effectively free to be as much of an idiot as you please (cue dorky sitcom music).

The problem is that the elder Trump is currently scheming to force his behavior on the whole damned world by way of getting himself elected to the presidency.

When idiots like Trump begin to scheme and plot out the trajectory for their idiocy, then things get dangerous. The situation has already become serious, with the enigmatically scheming Trump inciting violence that has already erupted in a series of brutal attacks at rallies.

The end to such attacks under a Trump presidency is inconceivable, since their basis will legitimize every day those who harbor such hatred when they wake up in a nation led by Donald Trump.

Trump is barely losing to Clinton in the polls and electoral college numbers ahead of November. The election forecast gurus at FiveThirtyEight currently give Trump and about 40 percent chance of winning were the election to be held today, against Hillary Clinton’s 60 percent chance.

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