BREAKING: Horrific Mass Shooting Hits 8 People, Police Seek IMMEDIATE Public Help


East Baltimore has been rocked by a mass shooting, leaving at least eight victims late Saturday, as reported by RT News. An initial report read that there were ten victims.

A number of the victims are reported to be in critical condition.

At least one of the victims is reportedly a juvenile who was “struck by a stray bullet.”

An early report suggested that the “juvenile” victim is, in fact, a toddler.

One of the first official statements on the attack confirmed that a three year old and her father are among the injured, along with describing the reportedly three shooters.

None of the three suspects have yet been taken into custody, and no word has been given as to a possible motive for the horrifying attack.

A witness described the scene on Twitter, saying the gunshots “sounded crazy.”

Images of the scene taken in the aftermath of the attack are featured below via Twitter.

Saturday’s shooting in Baltimore comes just a day after a mass shooting rocked a shopping mall just north of Seattle, Washington, leaving five dead.

Authorities are still on the hunt for the “young, Hispanic man” responsible for Friday’s tragedy in Washington.

Both of these incidents come as the latest installments in the seemingly never ending story of the victims of American gun violence.

Reports have shown that rates of death from gun violence in some parts of the United States are markedly worse than nations far behind in development. Over ten thousand Americans have died from gun violence so far in 2016.