Clinton Campaign Releases 19-Page Fact-Checking List Of Trump’s Most BLATANT Lies (LIST)


With the many times that the media has failed to fact-check Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, the Clinton campaign has launched a preemptive strike with a 19-page report of all of Trump’s lies told during his bid for the White House.

When Matt Lauer refused to call Donald Trump out for his outrageous lies during the NBC Commander-in-Chief Forum, it was clear that the media had been giving the amateur politician a pass on knowing exactly what his job will entail. Even old pro Dan Rather has called the media out on letting the GOP candidate slide with his untruths and plans and policies made up out of thin air and delusion.

The Clinton campaign has decided to put an end to this and has released a list of Trump’s lies debunked, that they think should be addressed during the upcoming debates. Debate moderators are drawn from the pool of journalists, who have repeatedly allowed Trump to lie without following up with more exacting questions.

The campaign is calling it a “prebuttal” to the first presidential debate, and states that according to PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize winning political website from the Tampa Bay Times, 70 percent of Trump’s claims are outright falsehoods.

Some of the more outrageous lies that need to be debunked are listed as “Trump’s Seven Deadly Lies,” and may be more pertinent factors in gaining support among voters.

Trump’s Lies: The Deadly Seven

1. Trump opposed the Iraq War.

False: According to the Washington Post, Trump was not completely against the war in Iraq. “Trump expressed lukewarm support the first time he was asked about it on Sept. 11, 2002, and was not clearly against it until he was quoted in the August 2004 Esquire cover story.”

2. Trump opposed intervention in Libya.

According to, in February 2011, Trump said that the U.S. should go into Libya “on a humanitarian basis” and referring to Muammar Gaddafi, said we should “knock this guy out very quickly, very surgically, very effectively and save the lives.”

3. Clinton supports open borders.

According to PolitiFact, Hillary Clinton supported a 2013 bill that would have invested billions in border security and devised a path to to citizenship for approved undocumented immigrants. Her plan called for targeting deportation for criminals and those who were a threat to national security.

4. Clinton wants to get rid of the Second Amendment.

According to PolitiFact, “We found no evidence of Clinton ever saying verbatim or suggesting explicitly that she wants to abolish the Second Amendment, and the bulk of Clinton’s comments suggest the opposite. She has repeatedly said she wants to protect the right to bear arms while enacting measures to prevent gun violence.” Trump’s lies regarding Clinton’s stand on the Second Amendment have falsely recruited a number of independents who base their votes on gun rights.

5. President Obama and Clinton founded ISIS

This is rebutted by the Washington Post that said that claiming that Obama founded ISIS is like saying that “President Ronald Reagan founded al-Qaeda because the arms he sent to the mujahideen in Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion led to the creation of al-Qaeda. It’s a ludicrous claim.”

As for Hillary Clinton, the WaPo states that “Clinton was one of the loudest forces for keeping a residual force in Iraq and for intervening in Syria, such as arming the rebels. So the criticism especially does not apply to her, since she advocated a more hawkish policy than was undertaken by Obama.” Trump’s lies about the current administration’s influence on the Middle-East ignores the fact that the wars were initiated and perpetuated by the prior Republican administration.

6. Clinton would allow 620,000 refugees into the U.S. with no vetting.

As reported in the Washington Post, the number Trump uses is derived from the assumption that Clinton would continue to accept the same number of Syrian refugees every year for the four years of her fist term. Clinton called for allowing 55,000 additional Syrian refugees onto pf the 100,000 proposed for 2017 by the Obama administration. Since Clinton has never proposed permitting this number of refugees on a yearly basis, this number is simply one of Trump’s lies and fictions.

7. Trump will make Mexico pay for the wall.

As reported by NPR, as well as a number of news outlets and confirmed by the Mexican president himself, Enrique Peña Nieto, who even posted to Twitter about the debate over who would pay for the wall, this is also untrue.

‘Repeating what I told you in person, Mr. Trump: Mexico will never pay for a wall.’

Trump’s Lies and Bluffs About Domestic Policy

Aside from lying about his opponent, the document also notes some areas of domestic policy that Donald Trump, real estate mogul, steak and wine huckster, and amateur politician is simply completely ignorant about:

Donald Trump suggests that there is “no drought” in California, and insists that wind farms kill “more than 1 million birds a year” and that they’re killing hundreds of eagles in California.

Trump also seems to be confused about law enforcement issues that he would be facing as the next president. During his campaign, he retweeted a chart detailing crime statistics and stating that police brutality wasn’t the problem, but that it was “black people themselves.” And the numbers on the chart were completely incorrect, acceding to Vox.  The amateur politician has also stated that crime is rising, that it has risen during the Obama administration, when in fact, as fact-checked by the Associated Press, spending for law enforcement has increased during the Obama administration, and homicides are historically low, in some cases reduced by as much as half since 1991.

Trump’s lies, or exaggerations, include his knowledge of the economy as well as the success of his own businesses. It’s difficult to know if the GOP nominee is just in the habit of boastfully lying or is really that deluded, but several news organizations have fact checked his claims, and it doesn’t look good when assessing either his knowledge or his ability to confront economic issues honestly.

For example, Donald Trump told a New Jersey rally audience that he has more employees than “almost anybody in New Jersey.” looked at the numbers and found that although his Trump Entertainment Resorts was once the state’s top 100 employers, he lost control of the company when he filed for bankruptcy. He does own three golf courses, but the employees cannot come close to those employed the Wakefern Food Corp, who is the state’s largest employer.

Trump’s lies also includes a claim that 92 million Americans are “on the sideline outside of the workforce, and they’re not a part of our economy. It’s a silent nation of jobless Americans.” However, according to the Washington Post, although the figure of 92 million Americans unemployed is correct, Trump, as usual, doesn’t look any deeper and misrepresents the number. The number includes all Americans over the age of 16, who could presumably, if they desired and were able, find employment. However, of that 94 million, about 40 percent were 65 and older and are retired and not looking for employment. Nineteen percent were over 75 years of age, and approximately 25 percent of the total number were disabled. About 14 percent of that 94 million were stay-at-home parents, 4 million of which were parents with children under the age of 3

Also misrepresented was the number of those between 16 and 19 years of age, which comprise 12 percent of “unemployed” American, and presumably are simply those still in high school. Of the unemployed Americans between 16 to 54, a third were enrolled in school during the time accounted, and 85 percent of those were between the ages of 16 to 24, or simply stated, were high school and college students focusing on their studies.

Donald Trump’s lies, or even his ability to ignore the facts completely, have enabled him to manufacturer short and easy-to-remember sound bites that support his cause. However, they misrepresent the actual facts with their simplicity. Trump’s lies cater to the ill-informed and poorly educated, and his simplistic catchphrases only barely touch the surface of issues that most Americans are too busy or distracted to examine closely.

Therein lies the danger. Trump is good at mottoes and bald-faced lies. However, if he truly is incapable of looking into the facts honestly and with depth, we are in for a dark ride should he win the White House come November.

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