Hillary Releases POWERFUL New Attack Ad, Women Read Sexist Trump Quotes Out Loud (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton’s newest campaign ad asks voters an important question about Donald Trump: Is this the president we want for our daughters?

The 30-second ad, titled “Mirrors,” juxtaposes clips of young women looking at themselves in the mirror with clips of some of the most offensive things that Donald Trump has said about women, including calling them pigs and slobs. The ad also features an interview with Trump where he flat-out says he does not respect women.

The question about Trump being the president we want for our daughters comes at the very end of the ad, and it is certainly a question worth asking, as Donald Trump has proven again and again throughout the 2016 election that he does not care about women. Even setting aside the sexist comments he has made about Megyn Kelly and Hillary Clinton, Trump’s policy proposals speak for themselves. To name just a couple of examples, the GOP nominee has called to defund Planned Parenthood and created a childcare plan that does nothing to benefit the women he says it will help.

This ad from Clinton is just the most recent way in which she has criticized Trump for his sexism. In June, Clinton called Trump out for his plan to defund Planned Parenthood, saying, “Anyone who wants to defund Planned Parenthood and wipe out safe, legal abortion has no idea what’s best for women.” She also slammed him for the offensive names he has called women, adding, “And after all, this is a man who has called women ‘pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ and ‘disgusting animals.’ Kind of hard to imagine counting on him to respect our fundamental rights.”

Clinton has made it a point throughout her campaign to prove that she is the better candidate for women, and her poll numbers among that demographic prove that her efforts have been effective. A recent New York Times/CBS News poll shows Clinton with a double-digit lead among women, 52 percent to 39 percent. The poll also found that, while not all are happy about Clinton being the Democratic nominee, the majority of participants are happy about the milestone of a woman finally being nominated to represent a major party.

Watch Clinton’s newest ad below, via YouTube:

Featured image via Getty Images.