JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump National Polls Released, Numbers Are Moving VERT Fast (STATS)


The closeness in polling numbers for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has many liberals on edge, many dedicated Republicans frightened for the future of their party, and a lot of Trumpsters cheering. But some rather unsurprising results from the heavily conservative Breitbart.com have provided a glimmer of hope for the many folks who are uncomfortable with the idea of America’s first orange president.

A poll by the conservative news agency, together with Gravis Marketing, surveyed 1,560 likely voters and revealed a significant but not commanding lead by Hillary Clinton over Trump. She currently holds 44 percent of the electorate, compared with Trump’s 40 percent. The results are essentially the same as an early September poll by the same agency which showed Clinton at 43 percent and Trump at 40. The poll carries a margin of error of 2.5% and a 95% level of confidence.

According to Doug Kaplan, managing partner of Gravis Marketing:

‘It’s like voters have settled down from the conventions and everything else and are really waiting for the first presidential debate.’

The two major party candidates are followed by Gary Johnson with 5 percent of the vote, and Jill Stein with 2 percent. Kaplan believes that the two minor candidates will play a fairly minor role in the upcoming election. He told Breitbart,

‘There is still a chance for Johnson or Stein to play the spoiler in some tight state races, but the overwhelming force of the ‘binary choice’ between Clinton and Trump will continue to squeeze support from Johnson and Stein.’

As has been the theme of this election so far, Clinton is currently crushing Trump among African Americans. She pulls in 81 percent of the black vote, compared to Trump’s 12 percent. She also maintains a commanding lead with Hispanics, garnering 50 percent of the vote against Trump’s 33 percent.

Trump manages to lead Clinton with another pair of key demographics. His lead among Asian-Americans of 49 percent to 38 is certainly surprising. He’s managed to get 49 percent of the vote from whites, as well. Hillary Clinton currently only has 33 percent of the vote from other Caucasians. No numbers were available for other spray-tanned Americans, but we’re betting Trump is leading in that demographic as well.

50 percent of all Americans said that the U.S. was going in the wrong direction, compared with only 29 percent who said the opposite. A full 54 percent of respondents told pollsters that the U.S. is weaker in the world than it was 10 years ago. 17 percent said it was the same, and 28 percent said that the country was stronger than it was in 2006.

Pollsters also asked people willing to talk about their views the question, “How would you describe how the American economy is working for you and your family?” 30 percent said the economy was working well for them. 34 percent thought the American economy was working “OK,” and 33 percent told their interviewers that it was not working at all for them.

There’s very little reason for concerned citizens to celebrate yet. Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell told Breitbart that while Clinton may be enjoying a decent lead in popularity, Trump’s base is much more passionate. And that passion could show through on election day.

‘What’s most interesting in the poll, to start with, is that, while Clinton has the lead, among those voters who are most likely, who say they always vote and are highly interested, Trump has the lead.’

Breitbart says they will release more results from this recent poll soon.

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