96-Year-Old Veteran Goes INSTANTLY Viral Explaining Why He HATES Trump (DETAILS)


Roger Angell is a long-time sports writer/editor for The New Yorker magazine and, like most men of his generation, a World War II veteran. On Friday, he posted an article for the magazine, titled “My Vote,” explaining why he just cannot vote for Republican candidate, Donald Trump. He opens his piece in saying:

‘I am late weighing in on this election—late in more ways than one. Monday brought my ninety-sixth birthday, and, come November, I will be casting my nineteenth ballot in a Presidential election.’

Recalling his first time to vote in 1944, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was on the ballot, he said he voted with a mail-in-ballot from the Central Pacific, where he was stationed as a sergeant in the Army Air Force.

Angell says at that moment he was thrilled, but not as much as he will be on November 8th of this year, as he votes for his nineteenth time. He then explains why he believes that this vote will be his most important one yet. He wrote in part:

‘My country faces a danger unmatched in our history since the Cuban missile crisis, in 1962, or perhaps since 1943, when the Axis powers held most of Continental Europe, and Imperial Japan controlled the Pacific rim, from the Aleutians to the Solomon Islands, with the outcome of that war still unknown.’

Knowing that many would say he is over-exaggerating, Angell goes on to explain why he has come to his conclusion. Angell was not personally in combat during the war, but the memories of over twenty of his friends, who were all killed in action, remain fresh within his mind

The 96-year-old veteran goes on to name some of the many transgressions of Trump: the time he mocked the reporter who was physically impaired; the time he denounced a judge because he had Mexican parents; the time the female reporter had “blood coming out of her wherever”, and much, much more. All of these instances just go to show that Trump shouldn’t even be qualified to run for president. It’s so sickening how people are willing to make excuses for this kind of behavior.

One of the comments that stuck with Angell the most was is early August, when Trump was presented with an admiring veteran’s Purple Heart and he said, “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.” In case you have forgotten, Mr. Trump, you had the chance to join the armed forces, but of course, you weaseled your way out of it.

Angell takes the words spoken from Trump very personally, as he represents the last silver of the 16 million Americans who served during WWII. He writes that with Trump being born in 1946, right at the ending of this catastrophic war, he became of age in the 60’s, when the harshness and implications of the war were being debated more than ever, but none of this seemed to have sunk in to Trump’s tiny brain.

The veteran wrote that Trump has other drawbacks, he said:

‘His weird fondness for Vladimir Putin; his destruction of the lives and hopes of small investors and contractors unlucky enough to have been involved in his business dealings; his bonkers five-year “birther” campaign, now withdrawn, though without accountability.’

Angell wrote that he will be casting his for Hillary Clinton with “alacrity and confidence,” saying that she will make a “strong and resolute” president and that we would finally have a “female leader of our own.” He also noted that, although reservations like this are predictable from someone his age, he will be persistent in his hopes of catching the attention of younger voters, as well as those who have not yet decided about this election.

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