‘CNN Sunday’ Fact Checks Trump Supporters LIVE In Front Of America (VIDEO)


Sunday morning saw CNN commentators Van Jones and Angela Rye verbally take down a pair of Donald Trump supporters who tried to defend the Republican presidential candidate’s stance on addressing police brutality.

The segment began with host Jake Tapper discussing with Jones the miserable failure of an outreach attempt towards African American voters on the part of Republican leadership. As Jones noted, it’s not “natural” for a group to vote so consistently along party lines as African Americans, who vote literally almost 100% for the Democratic candidate in any given election.

Republican U.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee immediately took the conversation down a notch, and, at least on her part, the levelheadedness never returned.

She said to be “careful about how they talk about these issues on TV,” claiming that Jones had suggested that “all police officers are evil” — while Jones made quite on-point facial expressions to match Blackburn’s outlandish remarks.

Evidently, to this Trump supporting Congresswoman, the people of the United States might as well be animals. After all, in her world, the mere mention of an issue of national concern on television could be enough to incite violence.

And of course, Jones never said anything along the lines of the childish-logic-based suggestion that “all police officers are evil!”

Tapper tried to restore some sensibility to the discussion by reminding all four panel members that none of the persons present was trying to discredit law enforcement with a blanket statement that “all police officer are evil.”

“Well Hillary Clinton has been!” Trump surrogate Andre Bauer immediately replied. He unsurprisingly never gave any examples of when the presidential candidate did so, the reason being that no such examples exist.

Thus, yet again, the sickeningly childish logic of “She started it!” showed itself in a Trump supporter, mirroring the candidate himself.

And Van Jones would have none of it, smacking down the suggestion that the statements from he and fellow panelist Angela Rye in any way made some kind of overarching statement about every single police officer as a person.

Jones said:

‘When someone says there’s institutional racism, they are not saying every single police officer hates black people. What they’re saying is something is happening here where there’s a bias. An African American kid wearing a hoodie is seen as a threat; a white kid wearing a hoodie may be a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. And there’s an unfairness there, and you’ve got to look at it.’

And he went on, zeroing in on the outlandish remarks coming from the Trump supporters on his left and right, saying

‘The big danger that I see is, when you start talking about data, when you start talking about trends, and somebody says, “Well you just hate all cops,” that shuts down the discussion as well.’

Watch Sunday’s CNN segment below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.