JUST IN: Angry Mob Chases David Duke & The KKK Away From Anti-Confederacy Protest (VIDEO)

Via The Daily Mail UK

Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, attempted to crash a protest against a confederate statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans yesterday. This attempt was thwarted by the angry protesters themselves, who chased and shouted at Duke until he left the premises.

Duke shouted this to the crowd:

“I tell you one thing. It was built by the forefathers of the European Americans who created this country and who gave us our constitution,” Duke told the crowd. “Who gave us our freedoms and they should not lose their rights and liberty in their own country. They should not have their statues taken down. They should not lose their culture of this society.”

The crowd can be heard chanting back to Duke in the video below:

“Racist, fascist, anti-gay! Right-wing bigot go away!”

The Take ‘Em Down NOLA protest is against the statue standing in Jackson Square, which depicts the former president on a horse donned in a confederate army uniform. The offensive statue’s removal would send a message of love and compassion to our African American brothers and sisters. Instead, this is what happened.

Image via The Daily Mail UK
Image via The Daily Mail

Seven people were arrested after an unsuccessful attempt to topple the statue. Protesters tried to surpass a circle of police officers surrounding the statue, and that is when the arrests took place. The crowd continued chanting until Duke left the square.

Video courtesy of YouTube: