Mike Pence Goes On ‘Fox News Sunday’ & Is COMPLETELY Humiliated (VIDEO)


This Sunday morning, Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and attempted to defend his running mate’s invitation of Gennifer Flowers to Monday night’s debate.

Pence ended up making a fool of himself and admitting that Trump was — at least according to Pence — simply bluffing.

Making disturbing proclamations and then showing no intention to follow through on said proclamations has been a favorite pastime of the Trump campaign. This trend has stood at least since the candidate’s visit to Mexico, when he couldn’t seem to remember if he had actually discussed his border wall plans with the Mexican president or not.

This inability to stick to any sort of comprehensive platform is made even more disturbing considering Trump’s shady financial connections, some of which extend overseas to Russia and China.

And if “money talks,” putting a man in the White House who will serve as the mouthpiece for wherever the money trails take him will lead to a disturbingly uncertain outcome, one which certainly does not prioritize the vulnerable among American society.

Wallace began by simply asking Pence about Trump’s Flowers debate invitation, an invitation which Trump tweeted in response to Clinton’s invitation to billionaire Mark Cuban, who has long been a harsh critic of the presidential candidate.

“Two questions, Wallace began, “Why would Trump do that, and will Gennifer Flowers actually be there tomorrow night?”

“Well look, Hillary Clinton apparently thinks that this is an episode of Shark Tank, but this is America,” Pence began.

Um, OK. That certainly answers the question — not.

Pence went on. “Chris,” he said, “it’s serious business. The American people have an enormously important choice to make.”

If there was ever a consideration in Pence’s mind that the presidential race wasn’t serious business, then there’s really nothing to say.

He went on: “Trump’s tweet,” he said, “was really mocking that Hillary Clinton was trying to distract attention away from this moment in our national life, where the American people are going to see a strong contrast.”

A vice presidential candidate who seems to be off in a fantasy land is indeed a stark contrast to a presidential ticket that holds such experience as that of Clinton/ Kaine.

About the only sensible thing to come out of Pence’s mouth during the interview was already referenced above, namely, that Flowers isn’t actually attending the debate and Trump was simply bluffing. In other words, a pathological liar is running for president on the Republican ticket — and his running mate effectively admitted it.

Watch the segment below.


Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.