BREAKING: Man In Full Hitler Uniform Shoots 9 People In Brutal Attack (DETAILS)


46-year -old attorney Nathan DeSai, the man responsible for the Monday morning shooting in Houston this week, was wearing Nazi clothing, according to reports by Click 2 Houston. Reports of the man first started trickling into local law enforcement sources around 6:30 a.m., when witnesses told officers he seemed to be shooting randomly near a shopping center.

According to Houston Chief of Police Martha Montalvo, officers who arrived on the scene found the man nearby. He exchanged fire with nine officers who responded to the initial call. According to Montalvo, the gunman was “neutralized by police.” No officers were injured.

The man, allegedly a lawyer from the area, was carrying a .45 caliber handgun and a .45 Thompson carbine. Each weapon was legally purchased in 2009 and 2011, respectively. The gunman was carrying roughly 2,500 rounds of inside his car.

Sources with the local police confirmed that the man responsible for the shooting was dressed in what appeared to be an antique German uniform which featured swastikas.

Law enforcement officers searched the gunman’s vehicle extensively and allegedly located at least one other firearm. Detectives searched his condo as well, and located Nazi paraphernalia and several other weapons.

Montalvo told press that there was no clear motive to the attacks. A clear connection with terrorism or alt-right extremism could not be drawn either.

Six people were hospitalized in the aftermath of the shooting, and a total of nine people were injured. A spokesperson from Memorial Hermann Hospital Southwest told press that of the victims, one was in critical condition, one was in good condition, and three others were released from the hospital without life-threatening injuries.

As an attorney, DeSai specialized in criminal, business, and family law. His father told police that he owned his own practice, but that it had not been doing well of late.

Several shaken neighbors were willing to talk about the story to press and law enforcement. Lia Panzicka heard gunshots and immediately sought refuge at her neighbor’s home. Following the confrontation between DeSai and law enforcement officers, she realized how much danger she had actually been in.

‘I went outside and I could see a bullet hole in the side of the house and when I looked inside second bedroom. I could see a wall had been blown out slightly. God kept me in bed today kept me safe and not in that second bedroom.’

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is currently leading a trade mission in Cuba. He told press that he has been keeping abreast of the situation, but that he does not plan on cutting his trip short. Turner asked for prayers for the victims and their families, and commended local law enforcement for their performance in the situation.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott also released a statement following the shooting.

‘As victims of the Houston shooting fight for their lives this morning, Cecilia and I ask that all Texans join us in keeping them in your thoughts and prayers. Our hearts go out to the victims’ families and we wish them all a full and speedy recovery. We would also like to thank the Houston Police Department and all first responders for their decisive actions in putting a quick end to this horrific act.’

A video from the incident taken by two bystanders is available below:

Featured image is a screen capture from the video above.