Don Lemon Forced To Shut Down CNN Panel After Trump Surrogate Insults Hillary’s ‘Physical Shape’


A Sunday CNN panel devolved into shouting after Andre Bauer, former Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina and ardent Trump supporter, insulted Hillary Clinton’s appearance.

Yes, really.

The panel was discussing the presidential race in the context of Monday night’s debate, with supporters of the respective candidates going at it in unsurprising fashion.

Republican strategist Paris Dennard, for example, bemoaned that she didn’t “know if the media will treat” Donald Trump like he “has the capability of being president of the United States.”

Left wing CNN commentator Angela Rye immediately shot back, saying that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not equals, and Trump is thus unfit for the “fair” coverage that Dennard claimed was lacking.

And then things got ugly. After Bauer mockingly laughed off the suggestion from Democratic strategist Maria Cardona that his candidate was a near pathological liar, the former Lieutenant Governor coughed up the favorite decades old talking points of the right in an attempt to prove Clinton a “bigger liar” than Trump.

The fact that Trump has brought the United States political conversation to the serious discussion of who is a bigger liar is disturbing.

But anyway, moving on.

The examples of Clinton’s “lying prowess” suggested by Bauer ran down the recently updated list of outlandish anti-Clinton right wing talking points.

He went from suggesting that the Clintons have secret hit-men to murder their enemies to saying that Hillary Clinton committed some kind of national treason by her usage of a private email server while she was US Secretary of State during President Obama’s first term.

And again, for the record, Clinton has long been cleared in the email controversy.

Where Bauer took his discussion of the email controversy is beyond explanation, however.

While trying to paint Clinton as a worse liar than Trump, he said:

‘And again, what were his [lies] versus hers? Hers were Whitewater… I mean you go down the list… “Oh, I had a few emails that were yoga pants and weddings,” I always get somebody to put Bleachbit on things I don’t want [to be seen]. Of course, if I saw her in yoga pants, I’d probably think the same thing, I’d want to Bleachbit it too.’

Cardona expertly pointed out what can be gleaned from Bauer’s remarks, saying, “See, we’re already getting under Andre’s skin, so imagine [Monday] night how Hillary’s going to be able to get under Trump’s skin.”

The filth and mindset behind Bauer’s remarks matches his chosen presidential candidate. Like candidate, like supporter.

Watch the segment below. It’s queued up to the point immediately before Bauer’s shocking remarks.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.