Ex-DNC Chair Accuses Donald Trump Of Taking Cocaine Pre-Debate (VIDEO)


While millions of American’s were equally as stunned by Donald Trump’s constant sniffing during the presidential debate as they were by his poor performance, former head of the Democratic National Party, presidential hopeful, and governor of Vermont suggested that the Trumpster might be using cocaine.

If you watched the presidential debate on Monday night, you, along with about 100 million other Americans, were probably wondering what was up with Donald Trump and his pervasive and never-ending sniffles.

Physician and former governor of Vermont didn’t hold back at all with his informal “diagnosis.”

Trump was seen — and heard — by millions, sniffing deeply after every answer issued to debate moderator, Lester Holt.

After an hour of listening to this, while trying to make sense of Trump’s non-answers to important questions, apparently the 2004 presidential hopeful decided to go public with his suspicions:

‘Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?’

Unsurprisingly, Dean’s tweet went viral and received over 10,000 retweets in less than an hour after posting.

The Twitterverse then broke out in collective memes and jokes, some using Trump’s own “people are saying” catchphrase or using the hashtag #TrumpSniffle.

‘People are saying that Trump has a cocaine sniff. I’m not saying that. *People* are saying that.’

‘I don’t know much about cocaine use but many people are saying that Trump is sniffling an awful lot.’

‘BREAKING: Cocaine gets mid-debate bump, now polling +63 over zika as cause of Trump’s#sniffling.’

It’s likely that his campaign staff will come up with something, but it if the Trumpsters can have doctors “diagnosing” Hillary Clinton from afar, perhaps it’s only fair if the Democrats do the same. All’s fair in love and politics, and it might also explain why he just couldn’t stop talking long after his two minutes were up.

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