‘Seven Deadly Lies’: Brilliant Anti-Trump Video Goes Viral In Seconds (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton is at it again the night before the debate as she releases a new attack ad pointing out what her campaign calls Trump’s “Seven Deadly Lies.” According to the new Hillary for America ad, it has been released to emphasize the idea that Trump can’t win the debate if he continues to lie to the American people.

This is a list of Trump’s lies that the Clinton ad has said he can’t repeat if he wants to win tonight’s debate:

  1. Iraq: Trump said he was “always against the war in Iraq.” The ad then cut to a clip of Trump’s interview with Howard Stern where he was asked if he was in favor of invading Iraq, and Trump responded, “Yeah, I guess so.”
  2. Libya: Trump stated that he would have stayed out of Libya on a Morning Joe interview. The ad then pointed out a clip of Trump saying “Go into Libya, knock this guy out.” in one of his video blogs.
  3. 9/11: It was a big deal back when Trump said “I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey when thousands and thousands of people were cheering.” The ad then cuts to clips of proof that his claim was debunked several times over by various fact checking sources and news outlets.
  4. Open Borders: Trump said in a news conference that Hillary has “pledged to keep totally open borders for the United States.” That claim was false as well.
  5. ISIS: Trump tried to claim that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were the founder and co-founder of ISIS. No one believed that one, so he had to give it up pretty quickly.
  6. The Wall: Trump has continuously claimed that Mexico is going to pay for this wall that he’s going to have them build. President Enrique Pena Nieto released an op-ed after meeting with Trump and stated in it that he told Trump there was no way Mexico was paying for any wall.
  7. Being Honest: They saved the best for last. Trump has never been one to be honest with anyone about anything. A quote from the LA Times stating that the “scope of Trump’s lies unmatched” was then shown to emphasize the fact that he just can’t be truthful.

Donald Trump and his entire camp have been fact checked several times over. Recently, he was fact checked over a five-day period and the number of lies he told was astronomical. One of the last quotes in the ad was from a WaPo article that stated that “78 percent of all Trump’s fact checked claims have scored ‘mostly false’ or worse.”

It’s not just Clinton making up lies to call him out; it’s been proven that Donald Trump cannot be honest about almost anything he says. If the Clinton campaign is right about him losing due to his constant lies, she will definitely come out the winner of tonight’s debate.

Here is video of the ad Clinton released on Trump’s lies:


Featured Image: Screenshot from YouTube