Bernie Sanders Responds To The Presidential Debate & He Was ON POINT! (VIDEO)


During an interview with CNN, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) shamed the media today as he warned both the audience at home and media outlets to not treat the first presidential debate of 2016 as “an entertainment show.”

As mainstream media salivates over the potential of Super Bowl-size ratings, Sanders brought it back to reality reminding the media and Americans that this is more than just entertainment and fodder — that it’s about real issues and the future of America.

‘I think the hardest part is understanding that despite what the media may think, that this is not a night of entertainment. It’s not a Super Bowl. It’s not the World Series. Tonight, the American people are going to be looking at somebody who will have enormous power in influencing the direction of our country, 320 million people, and the rest of the world. And I hope that we focus on the issues, the differences between the candidates.’

He added that Trump’s campaign is supported by bigotry rather than a concern for the American families.

‘Let’s talk about which candidate is going to be better for working families. I believe that as a nation we have struggled a long time to overcome bigotry and racism. Donald Trump is making the cornerstone of his campaign in fact bigotry.’

Though he had plenty to criticize Trump for, he did save some criticism for his former opponent and now Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. POLITICO noted that Sanders commented saying she needed to “get away from this personality stuff” and go back to focusing on “the real issues.” Though he claimed it wasn’t a criticism of her but of the media, it’s a criticism that could be applied to Clinton easily with some of the most recent Clinton campaign tactics.

Sanders emphasized that Trump is an entertainer, not a politician. He advised Clinton, “Offering advice for Clinton, I would say in contrast what she has got to do is focus on the real issues. Stay focused on the issues impacting the American people.”

We can only hope for such consideration for America’s future; however, some are predicting antics and one-liners that will be more than memorable.

Featured image via Getty/Darren McCollester.