Elizabeth Warren Responded To ‘Idiot’ Trump’s Debate Performance With A BRILLIANT Tweet (IMAGE)


Elizabeth Warren’s reaction to Donald Trump when he performed at the first presidential debate was priceless. Her laughter is contagious, making everyone smile. The Massachusetts senator has been a proficient and skillful campaigner for Hillary Clinton.

During the debate, the former secretary of state walked that hazardous line between being “likable” and being strong enough to run this nation of ours.

Clinton smacked back every softball that Trump lobbed at her, making herself look competent and ready to take that 3:00 a.m. phone call should it happen in the White House. Conversely, Trump came across as a petulant child.

The GOP candidate made it known that he didn’t plan to prepare for this job interview to be the leader of the free world. Clinton said that she believed Trump criticized her for being prepared. She responded that yes, she had prepared. Not only that, she was prepared for the presidency.

In that wonderfully wicked and brilliant manner of hers, Warren tweeted her response to the first presidential debate:

‘Donald Trump proved once again tonight: He’s a thin-skinned bully who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.’

Warren summed up Trump’s economic plan in 15 words:

‘Donald Trump’s economic plan? Cut taxes for billionaires and the rules on Wall Street, and leave working families behind.’

The senator has no trouble saying what most are thinking:

‘The man who was ranting and raving on stage tonight has no business controlling our economy OR our nuclear codes.’

She drew a line in the presidential sands. Clinton had crossed it with flying colors as Trump looked around and finally realized there was a race.

‘Hillary Clinton was prepared for the debate and she’s prepared for the presidency. Donald Trump only prepared lies and conspiracy theories.’

Warren wrote the book on protecting consumers from big banks, literally. She had this to say about Trump in A Fighting Chance:

‘A man whose only loyalty is to his own bank account should never be president.’

Trump’s wide-ranging interests involve some shady characters. That is why people need to know his financial situation.

‘We already know some of @realDonaldTrump’s shady global cash grabs. Russia. Libya. Ukraine. Turkey. Where else?’

Then, the Massachusetts senator asked a question that underlies Trump’s whole campaign.

‘Does ANYONE seriously think that, as President, @realDonaldTrump would sell out the Trump empire before selling out the USA?’

Trump has said that he would put his empire into a trust fund to be managed by his three eldest children. Of course, that wouldn’t work. A trust, by definition, cannot involve immediate family members. The purpose is to keep those assets free from influencing a president’s decisions.

Thank you, Elizabeth Warren.

Featured Image: Elizabeth Warren’s Twitter page.

H/T: New Century Times and Elizabeth Warren’s Twitter page.