Top 25 Batsh*t Crazy Things Donald Trump Said During The Debate (QUOTES)


Donald Trump seemed to do well during Monday night’s first presidential debate against Hillary Clinton. Then again, all he needed to do was appear halfway sane. His outrageous behavior and comments since he rode down that escalator have ensured he only has to clear a very low bar.

Before we get too used to the deranged random brain droppings that spew forth from Donald Trump’s mouth, we need to remember: Until this election cycle, we didn’t need a “Live Fact Check” for our presidential debates.

Without further ado, we bring you…

The 25 most insane things Donald Trump said during this first presidential debate.

1. Donald Trump claims Our government isn’t fighting China…Yet somehow we still have a “winning fight.”

‘There’s nobody in our government to fight them [China]. And we have a very good fight. And we have a winning fight.’

2. …And all these countries are using us as a piggy bank to rebuild China.

‘Because they’re using our country as a piggy bank to rebuild China, and many other countries are doing the same thing.’

3. Mexico’s new factories are the “eighth wonder of the world?”

‘A friend of mine who builds plants said [Mexico is] the eighth wonder of the world. They’re building some of the biggest plants anywhere in the world, some of the most sophisticated, some of the best plants. With the United States, as he said, not so much.’

4. Donald Trump’s inspiring rags-to-riches story shows what someone with a little gumption can do with just $14 million.

‘My father gave me a very small loan in 1975, and I built it into a company that’s worth many, many billions of dollars, with some of the greatest assets in the world.’

5. No. He did not say climate change is a hoax…Or any of those other things.

‘I did not. I did not. I do not say that.’

6. All our debt is exhausting for Donald Trump. And he should know.

‘Our country is losing so much in terms of energy, in terms of paying off our debt.’

7. Hillary Clinton spent the past 30 years ruining everything and now she wants to fix it?

‘And, Hillary, I’d just ask you this. You’ve been doing this for 30 years. Why are you just thinking about these solutions right now?’

8. Donald Trump says she’s going to cut taxes and raise them. Because witches can do things like that.

‘You are going to approve one of the biggest tax cuts in history. You are going to approve one of the biggest tax increases in history.’

9. In TrumpWorld Hillary Clinton feeds ISIS tips through her website and didn’t become an adult until 2013, when they first emerged.

‘She’s telling us how to fight ISIS. Just go to her website.[ …] no wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.’

10. We thought that big, fat, ugly bubble was his head.

‘We are in a big, fat, ugly bubble. And we better be awfully careful. And we have a Fed that’s doing political things.’

11. Donald Trump promises to release his tax returns when his IRS audit’s done…

‘I don’t mind releasing — I’m under a routine audit. And it’ll be released. And — as soon as the audit’s finished, it will be released.’

12. …But that audit might take another 15 years.

‘Look, I’ve been under audit almost for 15 years.’

13. Why is Donald Trump qualified to run our country? Because he’s “very underleveraged.”

‘I am very underleveraged. I have a great company. I have a tremendous income. And the reason I say that is not in a braggadocios way. It’s because it’s about time that this country had somebody running it that has an idea about money.’

14. So what if he keeps ripping off his contractors and vendors? People love him.

‘But what she doesn’t say is that tens of thousands of people that are unbelievably happy and that love me.

15. There goes the neighborhood!

‘We’re just opening up [our new hotel] on Pennsylvania Avenue right next to the White House, so if I don’t get there one way, I’m going to get to Pennsylvania Avenue another.’

16. Donald Trump will balance the budget like he runs his companies…God help us!

‘When we look at the budget, the budget is bad to a large extent because we have people that have no idea as to what to do and how to buy. The Trump International is way under budget and way ahead of schedule. And we should be able to do that for our country.’

17. According to Donald Trump, black and Hispanic neighborhoods “are so dangerous, you walk down the street, you get shot” by police officers.

‘We have a situation where we have our inner cities, African- Americans, Hispanics are living in Hell because it’s so dangerous. You walk down the street, you get shot.’

18. Other than being ineffective, racist, and unconstitutional, stop-and-frisks work “very well.”

‘Now, whether or not in a place like Chicago you do stop and frisk, which worked very well.’

19. Donald Trump’s endorsements look more and more like a rogues’ gallery.

‘I have the endorsement of the NRA, which I’m very proud of. These are very, very good people, and they’re protecting the Second Amendment.’

20. The GOP candidate claims he performed a valuable service for Barack Obama by putting the birther rumors he started to rest. #ThanksDonald.

‘Blumenthal sent McClatchy, highly respected reporter at McClatchy, to Kenya to find out about it. They were pressing it very hard. She failed to get the birth certificate.’

21. The alleged billionaire “opened a club and really got great credit for it.” What does this have to do with anything?

‘In Palm Beach, Florida, tough community, a brilliant community, a wealthy community, probably the wealthiest community there is in the world, I opened a club, and really got great credit for it.’

22. Beware “the Cyber.”

‘As far as the cyber […] I mean, it could be Russia, but it could also be China. It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK? […] The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough. And maybe it’s hardly doable.’

23. Nice country you’ve got there, wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.

‘Number one, the 28 countries of NATO, many of them aren’t paying their fair share. Number two — and that bothers me, because we should be asking — we’re defending them, and they should at least be paying us what they’re supposed to be paying by treaty and contract.’

24. Since Sean Hannity was for the Iraq war, Hillary Clinton must have voted against it.

‘I had numerous conversations with Sean Hannity at Fox. And Sean Hannity said — and he called me the other day — and I spoke to him about it — he said you were totally against the war, because he was for the war.’

25. Why would Donald Trump make a good president? Because of his “winning temperament.”

‘I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. I have a winning temperament. I know how to win.’


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