BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr Has WILD Personal Breakdown LIVE On Video (DETAILS)


In a classic example of two douchey things that are even more douchey together, Donald Trump Jr. got together with Joshua Waldron for a cozy chat.

Waldron is the CEO of SilencerCo, a Utah-based company that manufactures silencers, ammo, and other gun accessories. Mini-Trump’s a big fan because when he’s out hunting endangered species in the wilds of New York City, he doesn’t want them to hear him coming.

Alas, Donald Trump Jr. can’t enjoy this simple pleasure on his home turf because of mean old New York’s trampling on his Second Amendment freedumbs. Luckily, Josh Waldron feels him. After all, silencers are only legal in 39 states, and he wants to change that.

After trying out a silencer on various firearms, Donald Trump Jr. declared, “That thing is awesome.” He and Josh Waldron then retired to a cozy sitting room where young Donald sat beside a formerly-alive ring-tailed pheasant peering at him while perched on a glass-topped table.
And the younger Donald looks perfectly normal, and the tone of his voice sounds rational and well-measured…But what proceeds to spew forth from his mouth are the deranged ravings of a gun enthusiast whose gone far beyond the pale.

They talked about how much they love their Second Amendment rights, and then Donald Trump Jr. claimed Hillary Clinton wants to take all our guns away. Why? Because she disagrees with the U.S. Supreme Court’s D.C. v Heller decision, which expanded gun rights. And the Son of Trump is afraid, very afraid.

‘She says the Supreme Court got that wrong. That’s scary to me as an American, because what’s next? Legislation for the sake of legislation…just like government is bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy. at this point, [it’s] just more rules and more government in your in boardrooms, in your daily life, in your business, in your bedroom.’

In your bedroom? Oops. That’s way more than most of us want to know about Donald Trump Jr. But he swiftly recovered and affirmed dear old dad’s commitment to the right to bear arms equipped with silencers.

‘We want to eliminate that, you know. we want to allow law-abiding citizens to exercise their rights and go after the people who are actually committing crimes.’

You know, vigilantes like George Zimmerman hunting down people they think are “ctually committing crimes.” Like walking around their neighborhoods while black.

And then, Donald Trump Jr. spoke out in support of the Hearing Protection Act of 2015. This sneaky piece of legislation — lobbied for by none other than Joshua Waldron — would make it easier to buy silencers so hunters don’t become hard of hearing. Seriously, you can not make this stuff up.

Because Baby Trump and his dad really do care about the aural health of our nation’s hunters.

‘If you had that kind of noise levels in any other industry as you would in shooting sports, OSHA would be all over the place, people would be going crazy.’

By the convoluted logic of this argument, it almost sounds as though these anti-government Republicans want the U.S. government to require hunters to use silencers. You know, to protect their hearing.

Donald Trump Jr. then goes full-on unpatriotic and declares that we should be more like Europe. Because if European countries are willing to protect the tender ears of hunters and armed vigilantes, then, gosh dang it, we red-blooded Americans should do it too.

‘I mean, it’s about safety, it’s just another rule that government wants to put in place for no reason…because if Europe can do it, America better well be able to do it.”

Surprisingly, silencers actually are legal in many European countries, including the U.K., Finland, and Norway. Then again, guns are much more regulated across the pond and you don’t see anything closer to the number of shooting incidents there as you do here in the U.S.

It figures that legal silencers for guns are the only thing this callous Republican and murderer of large mammals appreciates about Europe. Forget about the Europe and Scandinavia’s universal healthcare, well-funded schools, higher wages, guaranteed family leave, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and more generous social safety net…what the U.S. needs to adopt from Europe is gun silencers that allow murderers to keep from getting caught.

Watch: Donald Trump Jr. chats with SilencerCo’s Joshua Waldron about more guns.

Featured image: Video screengrab via SilencerCo