BREAKING: Powerful GOP Senator Makes VERY Unexpected 2016 Endorsement (DETAILS)


Donald Trump’s biggest effect on the GOP has, so far, causing unprecedented numbers of Republican officials to defect and support the Democratic nominee. Yet another GOP official has released plans to endorse the former secretary of state on Tuesday.

Sen. John Warner of Virginia, who was once famously married to the actress and legend, Elizabeth Taylor, is quite popular in his home state of Virginia and has excellent military credentials. Warner is a World War II veteran, former U.S. Navy secretary, and former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He also enjoyed a 72-percent approval rating from voters when he left office in 2009.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Secretary Clinton wrote:

‘For 30 years, Virginians trusted John Warner in the Senate, and for good reason: He has dedicated his life to defending our country, from serving in the Navy in World War II to chairing the Senate Armed Services Committee, where I had the honor of working with him to support our men and women in uniform and their families. I am proud to have John’s support, and to know that someone with his decades of experience would trust me with the weighty responsibility of being Commander in Chief.’

Warner also hails from Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine’s, home state. Kaine also enjoyed a high approval rating from voters in Virginia as both mayor of Richmond and governor of Virginia. Warner and Kaine will appear together in Alexandria, Virginia, to announce Warner’s endorsement of Clinton.

Although Virginia is a crucial state to win in the upcoming presidential election, it does not appear to be highly in contention. Virginia voted GOP until 2008, when the state went to President Obama, making him “the first Democrat to win Virginia since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.” Clinton currently leads in her running mate’s home state by nearly seven points despite a tightening in the polls recently. Kaine has most recently been campaigning in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, all battleground states where a Clinton victory is much more uncertain.

In Virginia polls, Trump scores lower than Clinton in almost every area. In a four-way race that includes the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson, Clinton leads Trump 39 to 33 percent. Virginia voters also feel that Clinton would make a far better commander-in-chief than Trump at 50 to 40 percent. Although 54 percent of those polled believe Clinton “cannot be trusted with classified information,” 53 percent believe Donald Trump is a racist.

For more on the endorsement of Secretary Clinton by former Senator Warner, see the video below:

Featured image via Getty/U.S. Navy