After Endorsing Republicans For 143 Years, Conservative Newspaper Makes 2016 Pick (DETAILS)


On Thursday The Detroit News broke a long-standing tradition of endorsing Republican presidential nominees by endorsing Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.

Several major newspapers across the United States have made unexpected or even unprecedented endorsements during this election season, which isn’t that surprising. This election is very different from past elections. The stakes are high and the two major party nominees have been fraught with controversies. It is, however, unusual when a tradition-breaking endorsement is for a third party nominee, like Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

The Detroit News editorial board said:

‘Today this newspaper does something it has never done its 143-year history: endorse someone other than a Republican candidate in a presidential contest.

‘We recognize the Libertarian candidate is the longest of long shots with an electorate that has been conditioned to believe only Republicans and Democrats can win major office. But this is an endorsement of conscience, reflecting our confidence that Johnson would be a competent and capable president and an honorable one.’

The reasoning behind breaking tradition this year is simple. Editors at The Detroit News say they can’t, in good conscience, support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, adding:

‘Trump has found profit in dividing Americans from each other, and from the rest of the world.

‘The 2016 nominee offered by the Republican Party rubs hard against the editorial board’s values as conservatives and Americans. Donald Trump is unprincipled, unstable and quite possibly dangerous. He cannot be president.’

From newspapers to prominent Republicans, many citizens find the GOP nominee’s tactics unsavory and inappropriate for the position of president of the United States. Out of the five living presidents — including two Republican presidents — zero have endorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Naturally Trump, being a brilliant salesmen (not businessman, salesman,) has used his lack of knowledge and experience as a ploy to appeal to anyone who has ever been unhappy with politicians, citing the fact that he isn’t one. What Trump supporters seem to forget is that just because someone is not a politician does not mean that they don’t have a long history of corruption.

‘From his protectionist position on trade to his penchant for buying votes with high-price new social programs to his soft spot for hiking taxes, Trump does not meet any true conservative standards.

‘Except, of course, of those who wrongly equate conservatism with racism, sexism and xenophobia. Trump has attracted support from too many of those who represent the worst of human nature.

‘Under Trump, America would stand alone in the world. Our allies could not embrace his flamethrowing foreign policy.’

The editors at The Detroit News also explained why they didn’t endorse Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, on ethical grounds.

‘Clinton’s career-long struggles with honesty and ethics and calculating, self-serving approach to politics trouble us deeply.’

They concluded by urging people who also find they cannot support either major party nominee fully to vote for Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

‘Our contention is that an endorsement based on conscience is never wasted. We urge readers who share our disillusionment with the presidential ballot and disdain for the GOP nominee to join us in casting a science vote for Gary Johnson.’

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