Chris Christie Snaps At Reporter While Discussing Hoboken Train Crash: ‘You Speak English, I Speak English’


Early Thursday morning in Hoboken, New Jersey, a commuter train crashed into a train station and left one person dead and over 100 people injured. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie held a press conference on Thursday afternoon to address the accident, and he was not particularly polite to the press.

Christie started the conference by calling the crash a “tragic accident” and explaining that, while “all potential causes” need to be investigated, the train was “traveling at a high rate of speed” when the destruction occurred.

Things took a turn for the worse, though, when Christie responded to a question about what could have been done to prevent the crash by telling the crowd that the exact cause is not yet known. The reporter who asked the question tried to interject at this point, perhaps to clarify their question or to ask a follow-up, and Christie snapped.

‘You speak English, I speak English. I heard what you said. Now you let me answer and that’s the way the system works. The fact is we don’t know what the cause of the high rate of speed was, therefore, we cannot answer the question as to whether any other apparatus or systems could have slowed the train down or not.’

It was a pretty harsh answer, although Christie did tack on an “I appreciate your question” at the end of his response. In the interest of fairness, though, Gov. Christie does have a lot going on right now, which may explain his short temper. In addition to dealing with the horrific aftermath of the crash, he is also currently facing possible impeachment for the “bridgegate” scandal.

On the other hand, it seems more likely that Christie just has a temper that he never fully learned to control, considering his long history of being short with reporters. In January 2015, for example, Christie compared reporters to children and asked if it was possible to “find a group of more self-consumed people.” In 2012, he called a reporter “stupid” and an “idiot” for asking an off-topic question.

Watch Christie’s most recent testy interaction with a reporter below, via YouTube:

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Featured image via Getty Images