BREAKING: Trump Visibly Upset & Embarrassed After ‘Loyal’ Fans Turn On Him (VIDEO)

Screenshot courtesy of Washington Post

Donald Trump was caught off guard at a rally in New Hampshire yesterday, when the crowd seemingly began to turn on him. Trump was visibly thrown off by the remarks of one attendee, and even asked him to repeat himself louder. Trump then tried to laugh off the incident, not quite understanding what the man meant, and he’s not the only one.

Trump was attempting to convince the crowd that he would put an end to gun violence, as we know it. In usual Trump fashion, he gave absolutely no plans as to how he would do that. While addressing the issue of gun violence in America, he mentioned President Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

“More than 3000 people have been shot in Chicago since January.”

Now, it is unclear exactly why the supporter shouted “Yes we can!” But, as you remember, that was the slogan of President Obama’s very successful presidential campaign. Trump immediately looked bewildered, and it’s possible he didn’t even get the connection to President Obama. Trump seemed partially amused, partially annoyed at the comment. He laughed off the incident by telling the crowd:

“That can only happen in New Hampshire.”

Using President Obama’s slogan against him would have been the perfect move for anyone trying to get under Trump’s thin skin, and I am not quite sure how it would be a slight against the President, unless it is to say that President Obama has caused the increase in gun crime. Honestly, who knows. These people aren’t exacting the country’s brightest.

Video courtesy of YouTube:
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