Elizabeth Warren Delivers BRILLIANT Response To ‘Idiot’ Trump’s 3 AM Tweets (DETAILS)


If there’s one thing that Donald Trump has shown the world he’s good at, it’s tweeting. The Republican nominee has become known for his late night Twitter rants, which often seem to get more and more ridiculous the longer they go on.

Recently, Trump has been tweeting more frequently than usual, and the content of his tweets has primarily focused on belittling Hillary Clinton and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who has spoken out about the racist and body shaming comments Trump made about her years ago. While Trump does have plenty of supporters, he has also received a lot of flack for the tweets he has posted about Clinton and Machado. On Friday, he responded to those who have criticized his nighttime Twitter tirades with, you guessed it, another tweet:

Yes, Donald Trump really tried to claim that his late night tweeting has prepared him for the presidency. The GOP nominee’s weak attempt at turning his Twitter skills into something that qualifies him to be president received quite a few negative reactions, including the ones shown below:

However, the best response came from Senator Elizabeth Warren, who sent out a string of tweets criticizing Trump’s sexist 3 a.m. rants.

Warren first started by criticizing Trump’s lack of strong policy proposals and his penchant for mocking women based on their appearances.

She then brought down the hammer by reminding Trump, and all of her followers, that he has no business pretending he is qualified to run the United States.

The feud between Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren has been ongoing for months, primarily, it seems, due to Warren’s refusal to be silent regarding her disapproval of Trump. Warren has taken down Trump time and time again with her pointed criticisms of his policy proposals — or lack thereof — and his offensive rhetoric. The best Trump has been able to do in return is call her “goofy” and “Pocahontas,” a reference to her claimed Native American heritage.

Based on the absence of a response from Trump to Warren’s tweets, it seems that she won this round, as she has won all the others. The election is 38 days away; maybe someone on Trump’s staff should take away his Twitter access before he gets shut down by Warren again.

Featured image via Getty Images.