JUST IN: Fox News Forced Into Retraction After Being Caught In BLATANT Lie (DETAILS)


Fox News likes to claim they’re fair and balanced, but there’s plenty of evidence that shows they are anything but. Their coverage of events,with few exceptions, leans conservative and they’ve been very critical of President Obama from the moment he took office.

One example of their shoddy and biased reporting comes from their coverage of Arcan Cetin, the 20-year-old who recently killed five people at a Washington mall.

Fox News originally reported that Cetin voted three times despite being a permanent resident rather than a citizen. However, it turns out that Cetin was a citizen and the network was forced to issue a retraction.

‘Arcan Cetin, the 20-year-old who killed five people at a Washington mall last week, is in fact a U.S. citizen, not a permanent resident.

‘KING 5 reported that a federal official said Cetin is a naturalized U.S. citizen. That means he was legally registered to vote, despite reports indicating he illegally voted three times.’

Fox News used the incident as a platform to discuss their support of voter ID laws. Such laws remain highly controversial due to the fact that they often target minority voters. Despite the fact that they were forced to issue a retraction, Fox News never reconsidered their stance on Voter ID laws and their comment section was full of people expressing their support for such laws.

‘Exactly why we need voter ID..we have to show ID for everything else that we do..doesn’t make sense on something as important as voting that it isn’t required..go figure!’

The one above was actually one of the the more tame comments. Several posters argued that Cetin was a Democrat and said the only reason the Democratic Party could win was with the support of minority voters. To be frankly honest we’re rather glad the Democratic Party is able to appeal to a wide range of voters, unlike the GOP.

‘Without people like him, the Democrats can’t win an election.

‘That’s why the liberal Democrats fight so hard against immigration reform, they  scared that the American people will vote their butts out, and if they can protect the illegals and let them vote all they want , of course they fight for them, or not really them just their vote. Liberal Democrats are above the law, or just plain lawless idiots, that are ruining this country, Go TRUMP!!!! Vote them out.’

We’re not sure where this guy is from, but the “American people” supported President Obama in 2008 and 2012 and it looks like they’ll be supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016.

You can check out their original report below:


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