MSNBC Responds To Trump’s 3am Tirade By LITERALLY Laughing In His Face (VIDEO)


Friday morning headlines are filled once again with the news of a Donald Trump Twitter tirade. He decided that he just couldn’t help himself and went on a Twitter rant to gossip about events that have gone on throughout the week. MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts and their guest panel had a field day talking about Trump’s tweets and got a good laugh out of the entire fiasco.

In the Friday morning segment of Morning Joe, the hosts and several guest panelists sat around and discussed Trump’s early morning rant that has social media buzzing. This is all just a big joke and he cannot be taken seriously, which was made apparent by the hosts and panelists on the show.

Joe Scarborough starts out the segment joking that “the kids” down in Washington are telling him that Trump woke up with a tweet storm going on. Scarborough asked Bob Costa, whom he jokingly dubbed The Washington Post‘s “Senior Tweet Reporter” to recap him and the viewing audience on what Trump posted.

Costa read the Trump tweets out loud and in order to the panel, and it was obvious that he and everyone listening thought the tweets were a joke. They couldn’t stop themselves from snickering in between almost every word he read.

Here are the Trump tweets Costa read off that had the entire panel cracking up:

Then he saved what they all called the best tweet for last:

After they got that good laugh, Scarborough asked Eugene Robinson, a columnist at The Washington Post, what he though the tirade was about. Robinson jokingly said this:

‘Um, it means two things. Number one, it means the staffer who was assigned to sneak into his bedroom in the middle of the night and take the phone apparently was off today, so… And the second thing it means- it’s like flailing! He can’t deal with the fact that he got creamed in the debate,’

Sam Stein of The Huffington Post chimed in with his opinion that he feels Trump just can’t get over the fact that he felt slighted in the debate. He also pointed out that this is just who Trump is as a person, and this is what he does.

Joe Scarborough then went to Jeremy Peters of The New York Times, who concurred with Stein, adding that Trump is “utterly unable to process anything critical about his performance”.

It’s blatantly apparent that Trump has a serious problem and likes throwing tantrums when he feels threatened. Today was a day someone had to just see his Twitter tantrum for the joke that it is and have a good laugh about it.

You can watch the Morning Joe segment by following this link

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