‘The Wall Street Journal’ Releases 2016 Election Prediction: ‘A Landslide’ (DETAILS)


A columnist from the Wall Street Journal joined numerous other editorial voices Thursday, placing support behind Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, urging readers to vote for her, to avoid a catastrophic Donald Trump presidency.

Pulitzer Prize winner for the paper and a member of the Journal’s editorial board, Dorothy Rabinowitz wrote an Op-Ed piece entitled, “Hillary-Hatred Derangement Syndrome.” In the column, she wrote:

‘Her election alone is what stands between the American nation and the most unstable, proudly uniformed, psychologically unfit president ever to enter the White House.’

The article bashes Trump and the “Never Hillary forces,” who are only supporting the Republican candidate to prevent Clinton from taking office. She describes the members of Hillary’s hate-group as being aware and accepting of Trump’s ignorance, his vindictiveness, and his complete disregard for the truth.

The post made to the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board follows USA Today’s Op-Ed declaring that Trump is “unfit for the presidency” on Thursday, making that the paper’s first time to ever take sides in the presidential election.

The Wall Street Journal already announced their prediction of the next president in early September, as analysts strategically predicted a victory for Clinton in November. A noted market strategist and economist verified that not only will she win, but she will beat her Republican opponent by a landslide.

Rabinowitz closes her article by saying:

‘The end of the election is now in sight. Some among the anti-Hillary brigades have decided, in deference to their exquisite sensibilities, to stay at home on Election Day, rather than vote for Mrs. Clinton. But most Americans will soon make their choice. It will be either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton.’

On Friday, the San Diego Union Tribune also announced that it was endorsing its first Democratic Candidate in its 148 years of business. The paper explained how Venezuela is falling apart because of Hugo Chavez and his successor. She also mentioned how Argentina is just now coming out of the mess created by Cristina Kirchner and her predecessors. The paper stated:

‘Trump could be our Chavez, our Kirchner. We cannot take that risk.’

Other papers including Arizona Republic, Dallas Morning News, and The Cincinnati Enquirer have backed Democratic candidate Clinton. Endorsements for the Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson have come from The Chicago Tribune, and The New Hampshire Union Leader.

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