Trump Staff Disintegrates In Front Of America As Key Staffer DEFIANTLY Quits (DETAILS)


A top aide for Donald Trump’s Florida campaign resigned on Friday, Bloomberg reports.

Twenty-year-old Healy Baumgardner, who has been a public face of the Trump campaign for months, gave the following reason for leaving the campaign:

‘It is clear the campaign is now going in a direction I am no longer comfortable with and I have decided to move on.’

Despite her decision to leave the campaign, Baumgardner still plans to vote for Trump. She says that she is looking forward to “honorably casting [her] vote for Mr. Trump on Election Day.”

The Trump campaign’s loss of Baumgardner comes at an extremely inconvenient time, as Hillary Clinton has been ramping up her efforts in the Sunshine State. If Clinton wins the important swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania, it will be very difficult for Donald Trump to get the 270 electoral votes he needs to win the White House.

On Friday, Clinton attended two campaign events in Florida, one in Fort Pierce and one in Coral Springs. At both events, Clinton spoke to attendees about the importance of working together and criticized Trump’s “strongman approach” to problems. Clinton’s concentrated efforts in the state appear to be paying off, as a new Mason-Dixon poll shows her with a 4-percentage point lead over Donald Trump.

Clinton’s lead has likely also been helped along by the drama that Trump has stirred up over the last few days. Following the first presidential debate, which the majority of viewers believe Hillary Clinton won, there was no shortage of drama on Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

During the debate, Clinton brought up Trump’s troubled relationship with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Rather than ignoring Clinton’s jab, Trump has taken to Twitter to try and defend the offensive names he called Machado, which include “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping.” Some of Trump’s defensive tweets can be seen below:

With Trump posting tweets like these a mere 38 days before the election, it’s no wonder Baumgardner decided to get out while she still had a chance. She worked on four presidential campaigns prior to Trump’s, and surely the distance she has created between herself and the GOP nominee will help ensure that she is invited to work on more after this election is over.

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