Bill Maher GOES OFF On Trump Surrogate: ‘Have You Lost Your Goddamn Mind?’ (VIDEO)


“Have you lost your goddamn mind?” Bill Maher said to a Donald Trump advisor, Stephen Moore. The guy just kept on talking and talking and talking. For some reason, Trump’s surrogates collectively made the decision to just talk over the people interviewing them. Apparently, the billionaire’s people have mastered not breathing for extended periods of time.

Another member of Friday’s Real Time panel with Maher, Democratic commentator Angela Rye was trying to make a point about how Trump doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage. Moore pulled out his talk-over technique, but Rye continued.

Then, it happened. Moore put his hand on her shoulder. Rye shouted:

‘Why are you touching me? Why are you touching me? Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!’

Maher tried to intervene between the two, but Moore just kept going like a warped Energizer Bunny:

‘I know you’re really excited, but let me be really clear. This is not the Monday night debate and I’m not Hillary Clinton. So, I’m just being very clear with you, I have something to say, and I need you to let me talk. Thank you.’

When Rye started talking about the economy and Trump’s positions, the audience applauded.

‘The point is very simple: When your candidate was asked whether he wanted to raise the minimum wage he initially said no, now he wants a slight increase. If you want to talk about wages—”

Once again Moore began to talk over her, and she said:

‘You’re still not going to let me finish. You’re still not going to let me finish. Fantastic. This is going to be a great conversation.’

Maher tried to calm Moore, so Rye could finish her point:

‘Steve, Steve, let her get her, let her finish.’

But Rye threw up her arms, she was finished in the face of Moore’s irritating talk-over. She said:

‘It’s fine, Peter, go ahead.’

That was when Maher intervened, demanding that Steve shut up and let Rye talk. She started, and once again, Moore started talking over her:‘

‘The problem is, your candidate has deceived his voter base. [Moore talking] Really? Anyway.’

Maher tried to pull Moore off, shouting his name. But the surrogate hung in there like a pit bull. It was totally out of control, as the video below shows.

Maher asked the Trump pit bull if he was okay with someone who tweets about sex tapes at 4:00 in the morning. Moore responded that Trump is the “candidate of the working class and not the rich.”

Then, the show’s host landed on Moore’s claims about the economic recovery. Of course, the Trump adviser interrupted. But Maher plowed on, saying the reason big business doesn’t like Trump is “he’s gonna crash the economy.”

Moore was on Maher like white on rice. He said big business adores Hillary Clinton. Special interests want to keep things as they have been.

Moore tried his obnoxious pattern again as the host was trying to read some of the Census Bureau’s statistics about the economy. Then, Maher slammed his desktop with his hands and shouted:

‘I must f*cking stop you!’

If only he could.
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Featured Image: Chris Hearte via Flickr, Creative Commons License, minor modification.
H/T: YouTube.