Hillary Clinton Wakes Up At 3 AM To BRILLIANTLY Troll Trump On Twitter (TWEETS)


Donald Trump’s late night tweeting has gotten him into trouble quite a bit throughout his campaign. Most recently, he tried to pass off his 3 a.m. tweets about Hillary Clinton and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado as a sign that he is prepared to be president.

Trump received a lot of flack for this claim. Even his most formidable foe, Elizabeth Warren, responded to his tweets with a rant of her own. However, perhaps the best response to Trump’s 3 a.m. tweeting came from his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Early Saturday morning — at 3:20 a.m., to be exact — Clinton launched into her own Twitter tirade, and her message was very different from anything Trump has ever shared, on social media or in person.

While Trump’s most recent rants have had to do with Alicia Machado’s “terrible past” and Hillary Clinton’s “bad judgement [sic],” Clinton chose to follow the same track she did during the debate and focus on policy, specifically tweeting about national service.

She mentioned her plan to expand AmericCorps:

She also brought up her plan to lessen the burden of student loan debt, while showing that she, unlike her opponent, knows how to spell the word “judgment.”

She then reminded her followers about the importance of working together, while invoking one of Donald Trump’s favorite words:

In many ways, Clinton’s tweets echoed the message she shared during her Friday campaign events in the Florida cities of Fort Pierce and Coral Springs. Clinton called for the creation of a National Service Reserve that would provide 5 million people with a variety of part-time opportunities to serve their cities and states. She also pledged to expand the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps, which she called one of Bill Clinton’s “proudest achievements.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has seen some improvement in the polls in the days following the first presidential debate. Nationally, Clinton’s growth in the polls is small — the Real Clear Politics poll average has her leading Trump by 3.1 percentage points, compared to 2.4 percentage points on Monday, the day of the debate. However, in the important swing state of Florida, she now leads Trump by 4 points. If Clinton can win Florida and Pennsylvania, another key swing state, it is very likely that she will win the presidency.

Watch footage from Clinton’s Fort Pierce, Florida event below, via YouTube:

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Featured image via Getty Images.