JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump National Polls Released, Numbers Show UNPRECEDENTED Surge (STATS)


Fox News has long been the propaganda machine for the Republican Party. In a huge break with precedent, Hillary Clinton is narrowly beating Donald Trump in the latest Fox News poll after a bump in her numbers after Monday’s debate.

In the most recent Fox News poll, Clinton is beating the GOP nominee by 43 to 40 percentage points in a four-way match-up between the two mainstream party candidates along with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson (eight percent) and candidate for the Green Party, Dr. Jill Stein (four percent).

While that number is still within the margin of error, it’s a slight increase in the numbers for the Democratic nominee immediately after the presidential debate, at a time when the GOP candidate’s poll numbers should be rising with likely Republican voters, not falling.

A lead that is not within the margin of error is Clinton’s numbers over Trump in a two-way match-up, which shows the former Secretary of State leading the businessman-turned-politician 49 to 44 percent. Just two weeks ago in the same poll, Trump was ahead of his opponent by a single point.

Even more telling were voters’ impressions of the first presidential debate. A whopping 61 percent saw Hillary Clinton as the winner, while only 21 percent believed Trump had won. Voters polled indicated several other negative takeaways regarding Donald Trump after the debate.

‘Trump’s honesty rating is down, most still say he doesn’t have the right temperament, and over half wouldn’t be comfortable with him as president.’

Their attitudes toward Hillary Clinton grew more positive after the debate, with more reporting that they found Clinton to be more honest than Trump, that her long resume in politics are a plus compared to Trump’s inexperience, and that she clearly has the better temperament to lead.

The polls were split among demographic lines, with Hillary’s lead among women, non-white, and younger voters rising.

‘Trump is preferred among men (+17 points), whites (+21), and independents (+12).  He’s narrowly ahead among whites with a college degree (+4 points), and has a wide lead among whites without a degree (+35 points).

‘Clinton leads among women (+20 points), non-whites (+66 points), and voters under age 45 (+8 points).  She gained with each of those groups since the debate.  Compared to two weeks ago, her advantage among women increased by 7 points, by 15 points among non-whites, and 8 points among voters under age 45 (the candidates were tied in mid-September).’

Among party devotees, the two candidates’ numbers remain close. 83 percent of Democrats plan to vote for Hillary Clinton and 81 percent of Republicans plan to vote for Donald Trump. Trump still holds a lead over Clinton with Independent voters at 41 to 29 percent, while 21 percent of that voting bloc plan to support Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Clinton’s supporters are slightly more likely to report that they will definitely be voting for their chosen nominee 69 to 64 percent. 57 percent of all voters report that their choice of candidate is based on fear of the other, while only 39 percent say they are motivated by enthusiasm for either nominee.

Only 43 percent of voters overall say they would feel comfortable with a Donald Trump presidency, while 50 percent reported feeling confidence in Hillary Clinton’s ability to lead.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube