Neo-Nazi Trump Supporter Goes BAZERK, Praises Trump Then Denies Holocaust (AUDIO)


Police arrested a neo-Nazi Donald Trump supporter for blasting a pro-hate message over a Springfield, Oregon anti-violence rally. They charged him with disorderly conduct for installing a big speaker on his rooftop. It discharged a particularly ugly looped message for blocks around his home.

The anti-violence rally gathered at a park near the neo-Nazi’s home, so he took advantage of the opportunity to disrupt their rally, according to KATU. The white supremacist amped his message of hate, so that it covered the neighborhood where he lives.

About 30 people complained about the volume of the hateful message spewing from the speakers, police said.

One of the anti-violence rally members said she was walking toward them, when she heard Marr’s house blasting its negative speech, including “hate is good” from his loudspeaker. He was lambasting the neighborhood with the words of white nationalist Kai Murros.

Jimmy Marr is a member of a group that has denied the Holocaust ever since it took place. He has been on police officers’ radar for years. Oregon recalled his personalized license plate in 2009, after protesters at a neo-Nazi rally in southern Oregon complained about its anti-Semitic message.

Now that Donald Trump is running for president, Marr painted the tailgate on his truck. It used to say “Jew Lies Matter,” and now it reads “Trump: Do The White Thing.”

When police questioned Marr, he told them that he was trying to “get his message out.”

A Kansas man, neo-Nazi Frazier Glenn Miller aka Frazier Glenn Cross, 74m now sits in jail awaiting his trial, after he murdered three people at two local Jewish community centers on April 13, 2014, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Over 20 years ago, the man went into the witness protection program after he snitched on other white nationalists during their sedition [rebelling against the government] trial.

Miller wrote a letter to a racist web forum Vanguard News Network [VNN] member, Jimmy Marr saying:

‘The rednecks, at least, will be a bit inspired. My morale is super high, higher than ever before. I’m totally at peace with myself. I struck violent blows against the GD jew [sic] menace – effective blows, too.’

‘I’ll die with a clear conscience. Knowing I did my best to secure the existence of ourt [sic] people, and a future for White children.’

Miller continued writing to Marr:

‘Hardly any jew-wies [sic], capable WNs [white nationalists] have stepped forward to help me gather hard hitting evidence against the jews [sic].’

‘My defense will be COMPLELLING [sic] NECESSITY. The jew-wise [sic] should easily figure out what evidences will be most effective in support of my defense, then mail them to me…’

If the court convicts Miller, he could get the death penalty. It seems a conviction is quite possible, because he fired his court-appointed attorneys, and he is representing himself. Miller was angered when a jail employee discounted his statements about “Jews running the media” and putting a “stranglehold on the United States.”

Miller said his killing were, “homicide by necessity.” Marr took advantage of words that incite all manner of hatred.
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Featured Image: Jimmy Marr’s Twitter page.

H/T: KATU and the Southern Poverty Legal Center.