JUST IN: Trump Calls For Intimidation At Polling Places In Black Neighborhoods


Donald Trump went unsurprisingly totally off script at a Saturday campaign rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania, using a portion of his speech as a call for his supporters to practice some sort of voter intimidation at polling places come November.

Suggesting that the results of November’s presidential election will be untrustworthy has been a talking point used in the past by the Trump campaign in an attempt to make up for the likely crushing loss he and his supporters will face.

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone, for example, published an opinion piece in The Hill in August which read, in part:

‘A recent study by Stanford University proved that Hillary Clinton’s campaign rigged the system to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders. What was done to Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin is stunning. Why would the Clintons not cheat again?’

Stone’s entire article is, unsurprisingly, pure nonsense. The link he provides as a “citation” for his claims leads to a spam site.

On Saturday, Trump took Stone’s claims farther than before — according to a Washington Post journalist, Jenna Johnson, who was present for his remarks — effectively calling for physical intimidation and or violence against voters who may sway the results out of favor for Trump come Election Day.

Emma Roller, also of the Washington Post, wrote on Twitter Sunday morning that “Trump basically called for voter intimidation last night, but that will be overshadowed by taxes story.”

Her tweet, featured below, includes a screenshot of the relevant text from Johnson’s article, which reads, in part, “[Trump] told the crowd to get a group of friends together on Election Day, vote and then go to “certain areas” and “watch” the voters there.”


The voters who are effectively targeted by Trump’s remarks include minority voters who back Clinton.

Trump is thus flagrantly toying with the same kind of voter suppression that defined the era before the Civil Rights Act, an era which routinely saw blacks and their white advocates lynched (or murdered some other way) often over disputes involving the suppressed right of the black person to vote.

The rest of Trump’s Saturday speech didn’t go any better than you might expect.

For example, in the same speech which saw him call for violence, he actually found it in himself to, according to the Washington Post, to “claim that he has a ‘winning temperament’ while Clinton has ‘bad temperament.'”

Trump used the same line in the inaugural presidential debate held this past Monday in New York, and on Saturday he continued, saying of Clinton, “She could be crazy. She could actually be crazy.”

And he went on — and on and on — saying of Clinton:

‘And she’s being totally protected by The New York Times and The Washington Post and all of the media and CNN — Clinton News Network, which nobody is watching anyways so what difference does it make.’

What the f*ck, Trump? In what planet does the media “protect” people? What happened to the judicial system and the rest of the legal system and law enforcement?

His latest round of repeated f*ck-ups, kicked off this time by his pathetic performance in last Monday’s presidential debate, is catching up to him, with FiveThirtyEight giving the presidential candidate an about one in four chance of winning the presidency were the election to be held today — and candidates don’t win with those kinds of numbers.

Featured Image via Spencer Platt/ Getty Images