Prominent California Newspaper Has NEVER Endorsed A Democrat…..Until Now (DETAILS)


In the face of a historically unique presidential race, a California newspaper that has never endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate in over seven decades has just come out with an endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

As the paper writes:

‘There is no other choice for president this year than Hillary Clinton. Though demonized by her critics, Clinton is supremely qualified to lead, especially compared to Trump.’

In the Desert Sun‘s announcement, the paper discusses the fact that this election doesn’t simply see respectable, albeit passionate, conflicts over policy. No, rather, as this paper which “endorsed Thomas E. Dewey twice, Richard M. Nixon three times and the likes of Wendell Willkie and Alfred Landon” notes, Trump has no idea what he’s talking about.

As the Sun notes:

‘With Donald Trump, we know too much about the things we shouldn’t — Playboy parties and the size of his ego. We don’t know nearly enough about the things we should — tax returns, trade policy, foreign affairs, and domestic programs.’

Sure, the Sun notes, Clinton has issues, issues that the paper terms “conspiracy theories and… her significant lapses in judgment.” But with Clinton, there is a decades-long record that she knows what she wants to do and can get it done.

As the Sun writes:

‘Fortunately, there is an enormous record of her positions on trade and energy, immigration and health care, and her roles in Libya and Iran.’

And there is no such record with Trump. The only record he does have, built up through his months campaigning for the presidency, is hardly fitting for the holder of an office that sees itself as leader of the free world.

As the Sun writes:

‘Trump has struggled to demonstrate a “presidential” temperament despite efforts by various campaign chiefs to add polish to the erratic, boorish, belittling candidate who blustered his way through the GOP primaries.’

Someone who is “erratic” like Trump, who has, while running his campaign, switched his positions an almost mind-boggling number of times, has no place in the White House.

There is no partisan or subjective underline to opposing a man for the White House who speaks flippantly of “it” being “all over” while discussing nuclear weapons, as Trump did at the first debate.

And with all of this in mind, the Desert Sun has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

The expressed backing of the Desert Sun is hardly the first time that Clinton has picked up an unconventional endorsement. In the face of the self-destructive and almost politically suicidal tendencies of the Trump camp, many top Republicans have abandoned his campaign and now support Hillary Clinton instead.

Those Republicans who have done so reportedly even include former president George H. W. Bush, with him in good company among dozens upon dozens of former officials of Republican presidential administrations — including his own — at home and abroad.

The Clinton campaign has even this past week announced the formation of an official campaign arm termed Together for America for the purpose of organizing the support of Republicans and independents behind the Clinton candidacy.

The Desert Sun has served the Coachella valley of Southern California since 1927 and is a member of the USA Today network.

Featured Image via Johnny Louis/ FilmMagic/ Getty Images.