Politico Releases Extensive National Polling, Results Show EXCELLENT News (STATS)


Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have surged over the last week, according to a newly released POLITICO/Morning Consult poll. According to the results, Clinton has a six point lead over Donald Trump with a little over a month until election day.

In the four way race toward the White House, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump with 42 percent of the vote to 36 percent. Still trailing far behind them are Gary Johnson with nine percent and Jill Stein with two percent. Undecided voters hold the remaining 10 percent of the vote.

Before the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton polled in the same survey as one point behind Donald Trump, but right after the debate she jumped ahead of him by four points. Obviously, Trump failed miserably in his attempt at debating Clinton and once he had his meltdown on Twitter, that may have lost it for him totally.

One of the biggest factors in his declining support is the comments he made about former Miss USA Alicia Machado. That issue resurfaced after Hillary Clinton brought it up at the debate, calling him out for speaking so critically of Machado. Of course Trump could have let it slide, made an apology for his comments and then moved on, but he felt it best to double down on what he said and throw more fuel on the fire. As a result, he has lost a lot of support from female voters.

Fifty-five percent of women polled stated that they have a less favorable view of Donald Trump after his comments about Machado, while 43 percent of voters said they will more than likely not support him after the incident. Someone really should have kept his phone from him to prevent him from posting those damning tweets that night.

Trump hasn’t seemed to want to try to change any of his temperament issues after the debate, and that is another factor in the poll results. His campaigning tactics have also gone astray and it appears as though whatever hold his manager and fellow surrogates had on him to keep him from losing his mind has slipped.

After all he has been doing, none of it has seemed to help him on his way to potentially becoming the next POTUS. The next debate may be a big deciding factor on what the results will be at the polls in November.

Featured Image: Getty Images