Trump Declares Himself Smarter Than U.S. Army Generals In RIDICULOUS Tweet (IMAGE)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in today on foreign policy and current military affairs that are underway in northern Iraq. However, laughter may be erupting throughout the military community, as what Trump tweeted out (because of course he did it on Twitter) makes about as much sense as trying to nail Jello to a tree.

Trump took to Twitter and tweeted out his feelings on the upcoming assault on Mosul.

‘Just announced that Iraq (U.S.) is preparing for battle to reclaim Mosul. Why do they have to announce this? Makes mission much harder!’

Of course he’s referring to the announcement that the Iraqi military is finishing up the details to begin the battle to recapture Mosul from ISIL extremists. With Mosul being the second largest city in Iraq, this is a vital battle for the embattled country that saw ISIL Blitzkrieg Iraq and set up base. This literally could “turn the tide” against ISIL. Maj. Gen. Gary J. Volesky highlighted the importance of this battle when he said, “The decisive point for the fight in Iraq is Mosul.” Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi still must determine the date for military movements to be made.

So, what’s wrong with Trump’s hang up with announcing the Mosul offensive? Many could argue that announcing the upcoming battle would tip ISIL off and that the element of surprise is a much more effective method. With or without the media’s focus on the battle for Mosul, ISIL knows a battle is looming before them. It’s inevitable considering that a joint operations center exists where preparations for this same battle has been going on for years, and ISIL knows this.

Furthermore, Trump’s tweet implies that taking back Mosul would have been super duper easy, but then those silly generals spilled the beans and gave it all away. This is a conflict that is far from easy. Mosul has a population of over two million people that once celebrated the arrival of ISIL. With their takeover of Mosul in 2014, they also acquired “three divisions’ worth of up-to-date American arms and munitions — including M1129 Stryker 120-mm mortars and at least 700 armoured Humvee vehicles from the then fleeing, or since massacred, Iraqi army.” This is not a battle against a few lone wolves with home-made crock pot bombs. This is a battle against well-geared extremists fighting for a dangerous ideology. This isn’t going to be easy, and no one has ever believed it would be easy. If it was, it would have already been accomplished years ago.

Trump’s tweet doesn’t take into consideration the humane reasoning behind putting the information out there. There are innocents in Mosul who will be affected by the battle. By announcing a battle is coming, those innocent civilians are able to get out while they can. But lives of innocent children shouldn’t matter, right?

Featured image via Getty/Jessica Kourkounis.