‘I Stayed Up For THIS?’ Trump Supporters FURIOUS Over Wikileaks’ Bogus ‘October Surprise’ (VIDEO)


Remember that “October surprise” Wikileaks’ Julian Assange promised (or at least strongly hinted) would take down Hillary Clinton? Well…It’s October now.

For weeks, Donald Trump’s supporters have been drooling, slobbering, and eagerly awaiting Julian Assange’s big data dump. When October 1st arrived, right-wing radio host Roger Stone announced that by Wednesday, Hillary Clinton would be “done.”


He was, of course, referring to Julian Assange’s much-touted press conference on Tuesday at 3:00 a.m. in honor of Wikileaks’ 10-year anniversary. But when Assange appeared via videolink from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, he failed to deliver the goods.

Instead, he made bland promises to publish more information over the next 10 weeks. Julian Assange’s press conference turned out to be mostly an extended infomercial for Wikileaks and a plug for his book.

The folks at Fox News could barely conceal their disappointment as they reported:

‘Despite widespread speculation he would reveal game-changing information on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Assange’s 3 a.m. ET appearance featured no new revelations, although he did promise to publish information regarding the presidential election “every week for the next 10 weeks.”’

And although he did nothing to dispel all the rumors that ginned up all the anticipation for this event, Julian Assange declared:

‘There’s been a lot of misquoting of me and Wikileaks publications.’

The Wikileaks founder then flew in the face of Donald Trump’s supporters and denied planning to take down Hillary Clinton.

‘[The idea] that we intend to harm Hillary Clinton, or I intend to harm Hillary Clinton, or I don’t like Hillary Clinton, all those are false.’

Julian Assange told reporters he has no preference for either candidate. Instead, feels sorry for them, because “these are two people who are tormented by their ambitions.” To add insult to injury, he added:

‘If we are going to make a major publication about the U.S., we wouldn’t do it at 3 a.m.’

Alex Jones, the deranged, right-leaning conspiracy theorist who’s been one of Julian Assange’s greatest supporters in the U.S. angrily sputtered:

‘You said it would get her indicted! You kept hyping that it was coming out at any time! Then you told sources that I’ve talked to that it was coming out today and it would not be disappointing. And instead, you released… nothing!’

WATCH: Alex Jones rage quits Julian Assange and his bogus “October surprise.”


Meanwhile, the responses on Twitter range from outrage to deadpan humor to flat out delusional.




Here’s the video with Julian Assange’s entire — and extremely boring — press conference…It starts at the one hour and 36 seconds mark.

Featured image: Andrew Renneisen via Getty Images.