Scott Baio Goes On Fox News To Talk Taxes & Is COMPLETELY Humiliated (VIDEO)


None of the top dogs wanted to get into Fox News’ story about Donald Trump and his taxes, so Fox host Neil Cavuto finally turned to Trump supporter Scott Baio. He is well-known from TV’s Happy Days‘ as Chachi Arcola. The billionaire’s leaked tax returns are all over the news just three weeks before the presidential election.

Trump has consistently refused to release his tax returns, leading people to wonder what he is hiding. It has to be something that would draw far worse press than the flack he has been getting from refusing releasing them. This leads people’s imaginations to run wild.

The GOP candidate originally told people that he would release them when his audit was over. Then the IRS told him, no worries. It is okay to release them before the audit is over. Since then, Trump has consistently told people that he would release them whenever Hillary Clinton released her emails.

When Baio joined Cavuto on Fox  Business Coast-to-Coast Monday, he had to take on the big question of how the GOP candidate could possibly lose $1 billion in just one year. Given that the orange man has run for president on his business acumen, saying that he is the one to manage the U.S. like a business, that loss looks bad.

Baio said:

‘This guy [Donald Trump] lost his own money and then rebounded, because that’s what this country is all about. My father went through the same thing, though not at a billion-dollar level. And he didn’t ask anything from anybody, he picked himself up and he kept going.’

Then, Cavuto followed up with the second question of the day. Did Baio’s father avoid all income taxes for two decades and write off his losses?

Rather than address the issue with the seriousness it deserved, he laughed it off:

‘I was three, I don’t remember.’

So, should Trump just release his mysteriously held taxes returns? After all, every president has done so, since Richard Nixon began the traditional release of financial information in the 1970’s.

Cavuto then asked Baio if it wouldn’t have played better for the real estate mogul to simply release his returns a year ago, thereby diffusing the issue. Baio responded:

‘I don’t know, Neil. Because I don’t know what’s all, what, what his, his lawyers were staying to him. I can’t answer that question — yes, maybe, no, maybe, I’m not him.’

Maybe, Fox should have just skipped this news story about Donald Trump and the strange tale of his taxes.

Check out this Fox New interview:

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