Trump Campaign Manager Goes ‘Deer In Headlights’ On CBS After Confronted Over Tax Fraud (VIDEO)


In response to the bombshell dropped by the New York Times on Sunday regarding Donald Trump’s tax returns and his astounding losses in 1995, there’s only one question on everyone’s mind:

‘What kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single year?’

Hillary Clinton asked about this as well on Monday, and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has been hitting the pundit circuit to perform damage control. The problem is, she doesn’t know. She doesn’t seem to think it’s important.

One thing you can say about Kellyanne Conway is that she knows how to avoid answering a question. She’s learned to twist them into answers for questions that no one has actually asked, but news anchors and panel hosts have caught on and insist on pressing her with the questions.

Conway appeared on CBS This Morning and was grilled by host Charlie Rose about The Donald’s massive business losses in the year indicated by the released tax return, noting that even his rival, Democratic nominee Clinton, wanted to know how he’d managed to lose that much money in a single year.

As usual, Conway qualified Clinton by saying that she has never created a job or signed a paycheck. She then went on to talk about the history of tax deferrals, how they are perfectly legal, how many businesses use them.

Charlie Rose wouldn’t let her get away with that, though. He acknowledged that loss carryovers are common in business, but Rose got to the really salient point:

‘What kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single year?’

Conway complained that Clinton was being sarcastic, but sarcastic or not, what kind of idiot manages to lose that much money in one single year of operation?

And it was pointed out to Conway that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only one asking the question. And Rose asked her again:

‘How did he lose a billion dollars?’

Conway admitted:

‘We don’t know that.’

Then Conway told Rose:

‘This man [Donald Trump] has paid “hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes over decades. Excise taxes, federal payroll taxes, city, state, and local taxes, real estate taxes, property taxes—’

Norah O’Donnell interrupted:

‘You didn’t say income taxes.’

The point that Kellyanne Conway misses, or is perhaps paid to miss, is not that Donald Trump carried over business losses. The point is that Donald Trump managed to lose nearly $1 billion in business in a single year, yet uses his so-called “business acumen” as a selling point for his presidency. So…

‘What kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single year?’

The only way to find an answer to this question is for Donald Trump to release the remainder of his tax returns since 1995. Did he, like Conway implies, stage a hugely successful “comeback”? Or is his so-called “business genius” simply the veneer that props up his career as a reality TV star on The Apprentice?

You can watch the interview with Conway courtesy of the CBS This Morning YouTube channel.

Featured image via screenshot.