Top 100 Newspapers In America Come Together For HISTORIC Presidential Endorsement (DETAILS)


As of this week, Donald Trump may be the very first Republican presidential nominee to get fewer newspaper endorsements than any major party candidate in history. Trump has managed to shift the negative news about him to his favor, but this time there is no way he can turn this into a good thing for himself.

That’s some pretty sad news for The Donald, but it probably won’t get him down since he stays in denial over negative attention directed toward him anyway.

According to information in an article covering the tally of current endorsements, even Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has more than Trump. Yes, Gary Johnson, the candidate who knows not much of anything about foreign policy and hasn’t managed to get over 15 percent support from voters in national polls, has more newspaper endorsements than Donald Trump.

Even more sad news came from an article by The Washington Post earlier in the week. It stated that another highly conservative paper has gone against the grain and endorsed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. This was not the first paper, nor will it be the last to do so. These published editorials are informing their readers that anyone in their right mind should know better than to vote for Trump.

It’s interesting to see that so many conservative voices have had enough and are not going to stand for the foolishness that is Donald Trump.

There has also been some questioning as to whether or not newspaper endorsements even matter at all anymore. They may not have mattered before, but due to the current circumstances, they seem to be a telling sign. Even the most conservative of papers cannot with good conscience endorse Donald Trump as the next Commander in Chief.

This probably means they want to keep their good name and remain legitimate sources.

The fact that Hillary Clinton is also seen unfavorably in polls but hasn’t been “un-endorsed” like Trump should really be an eye-opener for voters. Whether or not he or any of his supporters want to believe it, people don’t trust him to lead the country, and they’re proving it by the masses. Although he’ll probably find a way to make this news into a scandal or put the blame on anyone but himself, the signs are obvious; people see through his lies, and they don’t want him in charge of the United States.

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