Trump Supporters VICIOUSLY Attack Disabled Seven Year Old & Mother During Campaign Rally


Jennifer Mau was an undecided Colorado voter until she attended a Trump campaign rally and had to be escorted out when Trump supporters harassed the mother and her seven-year-old disabled daughter, according to Denver 7 News.

Mau wanted to attend the event as an undecided voter to get a clearer view of the presidential candidate’s policies, especially on the rights of the disabled. Although Mau had seen the news stories indicating that Trump intentionally made fun of a disabled reporter back in November, she was willing to give the candidate a chance to answer her questions and settle her doubts. That candidate’s supporters, however, led her to a different decision.

Mau’s daughter is seven years old and lives with disabilities. The little girl was born without a jawbone or ears and must be fed through a tube.

When Mau made the decision to leave the rally early and take her daughter home, other attendees began questioning her, and one yelled out to ask why she was leaving. Mau snapped back, explaining that the hostile tone of the question “hit a nerve,” asking her harasser “why are you here? He makes fun of people like you.”

The surrounding Trump supporters became so enraged that a few began following Mau as she carried her little girl out of the event, and one began screaming that Mau didn’t love her daughter if she wouldn’t vote for Trump. Secret Service had to step in to escort the mother and the disabled little girl out safely.

The mother spoke to reporters after the incident.

‘Mau said she was saddened to be harassed for standing up for her daughter with disabilities, but she said she was happy to see some people walk out with her, saying her daughter is beautiful.’

A Bloomberg poll conducted in August showed that voters reported being most bothered, out of all of Trump’s many controversies, by his insults directed at Serge Kovaleski, a reporter who lives with a congenital joint condition.

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Saying that this is the worst of Trump’s numerous controversial statements and actions is saying quite a bit. Those polled could choose from a variety of serious infractions including: Trump’s treatment of a Gold Star family, his promises to ban an entire religious group from traveling to the US, his many sexist statements about women even before the name Alicia Muchado entered the 2016 election lexicon, his insistence that John McCain was “not a war hero” because he was captured, his promises to force the military to violate international law, the lawsuits pending against Trump University that accuse the GOP nominee of fraud and racketeering, or the numerous past reports of violence at Donald Trump’s rallies

This is, perhaps, one of the worst reports of violence at those rallies. It seems that even the word “deplorable” is not strong enough to describe Trump’s supporters.

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