Chicago Moves To STRIP Donald Trump’s Name From ALL City Buildings (DETAILS)


Alderman Brendan Reilly proposed an ordinance at a city council meeting on Wednesday to remove Donald Trump’s name from an honorary street sign in Chicago. He and nine other alderman are backing the ordinance.

Trump’s name is featured on signage in front of his River North neighborhood hotel on Wabash Avenue in Chicago. The ordinance calls to remove the name due to Trump’s disgusting and unfair characterization of the residents of Chicago. Reilly spoke about Trump’s “painting a distorted caricature of Chicago” when he said that people of color there are “living in hell.” The alderman also took offense to Trump’s comparison of Chicago with Iraq, “comparing our great city to a decimated, war-torn country.”

Although Trump does his best to paint violence as on the rise, and people of color as the main perpetrators of that violence, tweeting a meme that indicts people of color as responsible for 81 percent of white homicide victims, his statements do not hold up under fact checks. PolitiFact gave his tweet a “Pants on Fire” rating in a comparison of Trump’s numbers and actual statistics.

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Trump has also insisted that communities of color are “in the worst shape” they’ve ever been, so black folks have nothing “to lose” in voting for Trump. That statement was also rated “Pants on Fire” by Politifact. Eric Foner, a Columbia University historian and author, corrected Trump by saying that:

‘African-American communities are suffering from many social ailments, including poor schools and high unemployment, and it is important that candidates address these problems and offer specific ways of ameliorating the situation. However, it is absurd to say they are in the worst shape they’ve ever been. Putting slavery aside, go back to the Great Depression, or the crack epidemic of the 1970s and 1980s.’

Further, Trump has stated more recently that “inner-city crime is reaching record levels,” when this is also not the case. In fact, the most recent statistics on crime from the FBI shows that violent crime remains at a 30-year low. This is yet another crime statistic that earned Trump a “Pants on Fire” rating.

For these and other egregious errors from the GOP nominee, aldermen in Chicago no longer want to see his name printed on buildings. Reilly noted that Trump is running a “hateful, racist campaign against immigrants and minorities” and vowed to return all campaign contributions he has received from Trump, and would enclose his “honorary street sign” along with the check.

For Trump’s plans to shut down the “Chi-Raq” situation in Chicago, see video below:

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