GOP Accuses President Obama Of ‘Creating Hurricane Matthew’ For Political Gain (DETAILS)


News about the severity of Hurricane Matthew has been circulating for a while now. Citizens have been encouraged to evacuate areas most likely to be hit and warned that the impact could potentially be deadly. Most people are being smart and taking the warnings seriously, others are making themselves look idiotic and laughing the dangers off. Matt Drudge, creator and editor of The Drudge Report, is one of the latter, suggesting that the warnings may be a conspiracy theory by the government.

All day, Drudge has been posting tweets about Hurricane Matthew, but his aren’t like most other posts. It appears as if he thinks all the hype is simply the government lying to the people to push their agenda about climate change. Drudge is widely known to make some pretty outrageous statements, but this is some serious reaching, even for him. Some of the tweets are also making him look like a total jerk, as he jokes about the reports and their seriousness.

Here are some of his ridiculous Tweets:

There was even a tweet posted by his site about the hurricane:

Mr. Drudge is making a mockery of a serious situation and a lot of people could potentially be hurt if they believe what he says. To claim that the hurricane is simply a conspiracy made by liberal media and the government in order to push an agenda is just plain idiotic.

There have been a few people who believe he could be right about the Hurricane’s severity, and then there is the majority of others who think he’s an idiot. Most of them have suggested that he go and check out the hurricane himself:

Hopefully the damages won’t be as bad as predicted, but either way it goes, it’s not a laughing matter or conspiracy like Drudge is suggesting.

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